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MILK FED × Freestyle

This is a MILK FED × Freestyle “SHARK” COLLABORATION Watch from MILK FED. Freestyle SHARK Watch which is popular for surfers collaborated with MILK FED.

MILK FED × Freestyle

The bright red which is the brand color of MILK FED which looks wonderful in the hot season.

MILK FED(japanese)
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Starbucks dark mocha & orange Frappuccino

starbucks dark mocha & orange

A hot day, thirsty and slightly hungry… Starbuck’s dark mocha & orange Frappuccino is special flavor of this summer :D

starbucks dark mocha & orange

Dried orange peels chips sparkle on the orange sauce. How can I miss it?

Starbucks Coffee Japan (Japanese)

“Sato Nishiki” Cherry

Cherry season begins in late June and runs into early July! The “Sato Nishiki” variety is the most popular in Japan. With their mild sweetness and acidity, they’re even more delicious to eat raw than in jam and pie. But the season is really short. It ends in a week or two. This fruit can only be tasted in Japan and there’s a lot of it, so try to taste it by all means!

Sato Nishiki(japanese)
Sato Nishiki(rakuten)
With a cherry on top(asahi.com)

Sanrio 50th x Tower Records

sanrio 50th x tower records

Sanrio collaborate with Tower Records for summer music festival goods. Cute Sanrio guys ready for festival and play on the stage!

sanrio 50th x tower records

I got a “all star” towel and sticker of Little Twin Stars. They waiting for the good music ;D


cute elastic headband


I bought this cute elastic headband at Plaza.


It’s really easy to use (I’m very bad at hair arrangement!!) and it never make us headache. I wanna make my original one… did you try to make this kind of headband?

PLAZA (Japanese)

ajisai – lunch inspired from hydrangea

ajisai - hydrangea

Now here’s season of hydrangea (ajisai), it means rainy season :P

ajisai - lunch inspired from hydrangea

But we can enjoy all of the weather when it become a beautiful menu. I had a lunch that inspired from hydrangea.

ajisai - lunch inspired from hydrangea

All of the dishes were looks like green leaf and fresh flowers in the rain.

ajisai - lunch inspired from hydrangea

The dessert was stunning – affogato of cherry espresso with edible paper. Pour the vivid wine red espresso on the vanilla ice creams!

amalfi CASTELLO (the restaurant I went – Japanese)

Fujiko.F.Fujio characters Fair at LAWSON 4

Fujiko.F.Fujio characters Fair at LAWSON 4

I played the Lottery of Fujiko.F.Fujio characters Fair at LAWSON, and I won glasses.

Fujiko.F.Fujio characters Fair at LAWSON 4

Fujiko.F.Fujio characters Fair at LAWSON 4

Fujiko.F.Fujio characters Fair at LAWSON 4

You can play it for 500 yen per play. I could complete four kinds of glasses. I enjoy watching the glasses in a cupboard.

Fujiko.F.Fujio characters Fair at LAWSON 4

 LAWSON Fujiko Fujio fair (japanese)
Fujiko Fujio (wikipedia)
Fujiko Fujio official site (japanese)

Mita apartment


At last, we’ve decided on where to move!


The apartment that we’ve chosen is close to the Azabu apartment and was built 38 years ago.


The room has been renovated and looks new, but the kitchen walls and the floor layout seem like relics from the past.


In our opinion, the Takanawa and Azabu apartment was more unique and charming. But we chose an environment where we can walk to go see a movie. We can see Tokyo Tower from the window.


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