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Christmas tea set from LUPICIA

Christmas tea set from LUPICIA

These are Christmas tea sets from LUPICIA. You will find 8 kinds of tea bags inside the box of journal.

Christmas tea set from LUPICIA

It’s fun to taste 8 kinds of tea with my family and friends.

LUPICIA Christmas (japanese)

“Duffy” The Disney Bear’s christmas sweets from Tokyo Disney Sea

I got “Duffy” The Disney Bear’s christmas sweets and a stuffed Duffy from my friend. Duffy is the most popular character at Tokyo Disney Sea now.

When Mickey was going on a voyage, Minnie gave him a teddy bear which is named Duffy as a companionship. Duffy is a bear of magic and great luck and spread happiness.

Tokyo Disney Resort
Tokyo Disney Sea
“Duffy” The Disney Bear (japanese)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

This is a Chocolate Cake for Christmas from MAXIMS DE PARIS.
Moist and rich chocolate cake is covered with a sensuous velvety chocolate glaze.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

So rich and so tasty!

Maxim’s (japanese)

Christmas Cake from Mikasakaikan

Christmas Cake from Mikasakaikan

I went to a christmas party the other day,and we had this awesome three layer chocolate cake from Mikasakaikan.

The snowy cake with different fillings” hazelnut cream,whipped cream and chocolate cream” tastes like heaven!! We really enjoyed the distinguished-looking cake.

MIKASA KAIKAN (japanese)

a Handkerchief and a Bag Charm PAUL&JOE SISTER

takakos closet

a Handkerchief and a Bag Charm PAUL&JOE SISTER

This is a Gift Set of a Handkerchief with a “Rabbit in a Hat” print and a Bag Charm from PAUL&JOE SISTER. I’m goin to add and glam Well-made beaded rabbit to my bag.

Ia Handkerchief and a Bag Charm PAUL&JOE SISTER

I love “Rabbit in a Hat is flying in space” motif sooo much. I enjoy the fantastic scenery within the brain.


Le manège d’Andréa & Le manège Magique – carousels at Brussels

Le manège d'Andréa_1

Christmas Market (again) at Brussels.

Le manège d'Andréa_2

The carousels at there is so wonderful, the rides are not “horses”…
but fantastic creatures!! All of them were entirely handmade.

Le manège d'Andréa_3

My first impression of these were slightly scary for children.
But all of the children at there loves these!! It was amazing.

Le manège d’Andréa et Le manège Magique (French)

suica penguin illumination

suica penguin illumination

Now here’s so many beautiful illuminations in Tokyo,Shinjuku southern area is also decorated.

suica penguin illumination

Suica penguins are dressed up for holidays!

suica penguin illumination

They work for East Japan Railway Company (JR East), the head office is at there.
Can you see their costumes are like station employee?

suica (japanese)

Aahen Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)

Aahen 1

Famous Christmas Market at Aahen.

Aahen 3

We enjoy looking around,drinking hot wines, hot milk with honey, hot chocolate…

Aahen 2

And the best buy were tiny cute hot-water bottles!
We use these everyday since we bought these.

Aahen 4

I can’t understand what they say…
the guy I ask the meaning told me these are “I love you” and “all good for you”.

Aahen Christmas Market


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