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About 8tokyo.com

Hello, everyone!
8tokyo.com is a blogmedia that delivers mainly popular topics about
Tokyo and other topics such as the latest fashion, food, books, magazine
general merchandise, cooking, and travel and so on which we found in
other areas of Japan or through the internet. We are going to
introduce many “kawaii” and popular Japanese things. Have you found
something you are interested in?

We are all living in Tokyo and occasionally go to Kyoto, Osaka or
other areas of Japan to update our information. We would like you to
discover many wonderful and “kawaii” Tokyo things which you would never
find in a guide book or in a shopping mall!


yoko_san.jpgyo-ko (in chief)
Bag designer and representative for 8tote & mitsubachi-tote (in Japan). Ex-editor for Japanese architect magazine. Contributing about zakka, craft & event.

inn_icon1.jpgAko (necocoa)
8tote & mitsubachi-tote staff
cat, sweets (real & fake!), tiny things, & dolly lover.

I luv movies. I have huge respect for Gus Van Sant,Sofia Coppola,David Lynch and Mike Mills. …Also, I’m a huge fan of the Twilight series!

ex-HotWired Japan(Wired Vison) contributer. music, digital culture, manga book & Japanese pop culture.

8tote & mitsubachi-tote staff
I am interested in Arts, movies, Internet, fashion, design, cooking
and eating. Love to have a good friend around the world.

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yo-ko (Editor in chief)
☆i(Contributing Writer)
takako(Contributing Writer)
hayase(Contributing Writer)
yamada(Contributing Writer)

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