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A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 2nd day part3

kyoto arashiyama 6_1

kyoto arashiyama 6_2

We had a break at a cafe of SAGANO-YU where was renovated public bath because it was freezing cold outside.

kyoto arashiyama 6_3

kyoto arashiyama 6_4

We had pancakes with butter and maple syrup and a cup of latte.
They made us very happy. The moist and soft pancakes were very good not only the appearance but also the taste.
SAGANO-YU (Japanese)

A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 2nd day part2

kyoto arashiyama 5_1

We were out for a stroll to the town of Arashiyama.

kyoto arashiyama 5_2

Of course, we had to take a boat to the Togetsukyo Bridge again.

kyoto arashiyama 5_3

kyoto arashiyama 5_4

A Bamboo forest
It looks very mysterious dosen’t it?

A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 2nd day part1

kyoto arashiyama 4_1

The morning of the 2nd day was very cold and quiet.

kyoto arashiyama 4_2

We had a big breakfast, HOSHINOYA Japanese breakfast at our room.
A staff of HOSHINOYA Kyoto served a “NABE” for us.
“NABE” is a one pot dishes. It is kind of stews in Japanese style.

kyoto arashiyama 4_3

kyoto arashiyama 4_4

A serving lady put some local specialties, such as Kyoto-grown vegetables, mushrooms and Saga-tofu into cooking stock.
Also, a grilled salmon and Japanese pickles of Kyoto vegetable were served as side dishes.
We had lots of vegetables in which were very tasty and fresh.

kyoto arashiyama 4_5

Our bodies took in a lot of Vitamins and Proteins.

A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 1st day part 4

kyoto Arashiyama 4

Dinner at HOSHINOYA Kyoto:We had a course of “ATAGO”.

kyoto Arashiyama 4

kyoto Arashiyama 4

They had appetizers, a special clear soup of Guji (snapper), sashimi, steamed Kyoto yuba (soy milk skin) and simmered seasonal Kyoto vegetables.

kyoto Arashiyama 4

And, we’ve shared grilled winter silver pomfret, grilled sawara fish, winter Kyoto duck in hot pot style and duck in charcoal grilled style.

kyoto Arashiyama 4

kyoto Arashiyama 4

Finally, we had HOSHINOYA special buckwheat noodle and seasonal fruits and ice cream for dessert.

We’ve had very good time to enjoy “KYOTO” because we had a lot of representative Kyoto foodstuffs in winter season such as Guji, Yuba and Kyoto vegetables. They are giving very sophisticated flavor.
Also, we’ve satisfied with their presentations that made us to delight the eye as much as the plate.
The arrangements of the foods on dishes of various colors, shapes and materials were just perfect.


A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 1st day part 3

kyoto arashiyama 3

kyoto arashiyama 3

The room of HOSHINOYA Kyoto where we stayed was furnished in the modern Japanese style, with bench sofas and the other comforts.

kyoto arashiyama 3

Also, Kagami-mochi was decorated on the cupboard for New Years.


A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 1st day part 2

Kyoto Arashiyama 1

We’ve stayed at HOSHINOYA Kyoto (ryokan) in Arashiyama.

Kyoto Arashiyama 1

Kyoto Arashiyama 1

We took a taxi from Kyoto station to Togetsukyo Bridge where was the HOSHINOYA Kyoto Boat Landing place.
A 15 to 20 minutes boat ride on the Oigawa River with the staff took us to the HOSHINOYA Kyoto.
We felt like that we’ve time-tripped to the ancient time while floating on the river.


A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 1st day part 1

kyoto arashiyama 1

My friend and I made a short trip to Arashiyama in Kyoto.
Before we took a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from Tokyo station to Kyoto, we got the Obentou (lunch boxes) at KINOKUNIYA entree GRANSTA DINING of the Tokyo station.

We got “Kastu-bento” and ” Nori-bento”with tea.

“Kastu-bento” is mainly a pork cutlet with rice, and there are some steamed vegetables and a sweet for dessert.
Pork cutlet is very tasty and juicy. I have an increased appetite because of the flavor of the fry with special sauce. It made me full.

kyoto arashiyama 1

“Nori-bento” is a very basic bento in Japan.
As you can see the photo, it is a very simple bento that the ingredients are salmon, rice, nori seaweed with soy sauce, fried chicken in Japanese style and boiled veritable. It is very tasty, also it is healthy because it is low in calories.


Shingen mochi from Kikyouya

Shingen mochi from Kikyouya

Shingen mochi is one of the most famous Japanese traditional sweets in Yamanashi prefecture which is very popular for souvenirs, named after a historical warlord Takeda Shingen.

Shingen mochi from Kikyouya

There are three bite-size pieces of tender mochi (rice cake) with kinako (soy bean flour)
inside of the box wrapped in pretty furoshiki wrapper.

Shingen mochi from Kikyouya

Tender mochi (rice cake) topped with kuro-mitsu (dark brown sugar syrup) which is in a tiny bottle when you eat it.

Shingen mochi from Kikyouya

The symphony of mochi,kinako and kuro-mitsu is amazing.
Believe me the tastes just like heaven!

Takeda Shingen


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