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“The Rainbow Bridge”

rainbow bridge
by LE Eyes

rainbow bridge
by etrepum
It named because of its changing nighttime lights, Rainbow Bridge spans the bay from Minato-ku to Odaiba one of Tokyo’s premier wining and dining areas.

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Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“TORINOICHI” : Japanese festival 

Yeah, I have been to “TORINOICH” in Asakusa!

“TORINOICH” is a local festival held in many places around Tokyo in Nov. And the most famous is this one at Asakusa’s.

There are many stalls lining up and selling the good-luck charm “kumade“(Japanese pitchfork)and many people buy them.

It is said that “kumade” would “sweep in the good-luck to you” so even famous politicians, artists or big companies get them every year. For example, The Governor of Tokyo and the Sony are among them! (I wonder that it’s hard for the people other than Japanese to get it !? )

This slidshow is by titanium22 (Hanazono-jinjya at Shinjuku 2006)

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ASAKUSA Torinoichi

Suica penguin part2 (I love Suica Penguin,too)

I’m not a big collector of Suica Penguin goods but I do love the Suica penguin. I got some stuffed Penguins, a Penguin pass holder, a ballpoint pen…

Suica Penguin01

Suica Penguin02

Suica penguin part1

suica penguin
by msk

This penguin is the mascot character of “Suica”, which is a prepaid card available for JR east (the train lines around Tokyo).

by Nemo’s great uncle

by Kanko*

You can get various character products at the station’s kiosks, pay by Suica, and of course, by cash.


Shinkansen trip 10.30.2007 part2 (Mt.Fuji & Nagoya station)



Mt. Fuji (view from Shinkansen)


Nagoya Station (Shinkansen platform)


Nagoya is near TOYOTA’s hometown “Tokyota city”. New Buildings built up as Toyota’s global success.


This is my hometown”Hikone”.

City of Nagoya:English
Toyota City Hall – Official Homepage

Tokyo Station (Shinkansen trip)


The station of the Shinkansen in Tokyo is Tokyo/Shinagawa station. (Well, there is also the Shin Yokohama station).


This brick station was built 100 years ago. Its old fashioned look is sort of isolated from the surrounding newly-redeveloped buildings and skyscrapers, but it is nicely old & kawaii station.


Opposite to Tokyo station is the Imperial Palace
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Shinkansen trip 10.30.2007 part1(Tokaido Shinkansen)


Sounds like takako has traveled by Shinkansen bullet train. I did go home by Shinkansen, too. My little trip was from Tokyo to Maibara (Shiga Pref.).


The Tokaido Shinkansen takes you to Kansai area like Osaka or Kyoto, Tohoku Shinkansen to Sendai, Morioka or Akita, or Nigata Shinkansen to Nigata from Tokyo.


ticket counter


Check the departure board of Tokaido Shinkansen.

daruma bento & kamameshi bento

daruma bento

daruma bento

I went to Nagano on the Shinkansen last weekend. I had Ekiben(Daruma bento &
Kamameshi bento) both ways(going and coming) on the Shinkansen.
They were made with tasty riches from the mountains like bamboo shoot,
shiitake mushrooms, etc. It’s always fun to eat Ekiben on the trains.

Daruma bento comes in a Daruma dolls. Daruma dolls are hollow and round Japanese wish dolls with no arms or legs,modelled after Bodhidharma.



Kamameshi bento comes in a rustic earthenware pot.

Ekiben (Railway boxed meal) are a specific type of bento boxed meals, sold on
trains and train stations in Japan.

Ekiben containers can be very attractive: made from plastic, wood, or ceramic.
Many train stations have since become famous for their especially tasty ekiben,
made from local food specialties.


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