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Yokohama 3


We had Chinese Cuisine, ‘Turandot’ for dinner at the 3rd floor of the Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu.





We chose a couple of entrees, fried rice, noodle and Chinese tea jelly for dessert.
Everything was great, and we had very good time.

The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

Yokohama 2





My friend and I went on an overnight trip to Yokohama, and stayed at the Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu.


Unfortunately, we got hit by a heavy snow storm that day. We could not enjoy the view of the beautiful harbor of Yokohama from our hotel window, but it was a good experience for us because we were able to relax with the view of snow storm from our hotel window.

The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

Yokohama 1


My friend and I went on an overnight trip to Yokohama, and we went to
Yokohama China Town to have a lunch together before we check in at a





We went to a Chinese restaurant, Shatenki where was very famous for its

porridge in Chinese style.
It was very cold outside, but the good foods made us very happy, also we
had hot and tasty foods to keep warm at the restaurant.

Shatenki 謝甜記 貮号店 - Tabelog

Mast Brothers Chocolate

I’ve got a box of chocolate confections as souvenir from Brooklyn. It’s from Mast Brothers Chocolate. Last year when I visited NYC, I found their beautiful packaged chocokate bars all around the city. It was so happy and surprising for this gift!
Especially I love their famous salted caramel bonbon.
I wish their branch-store will come to Tokyo someday.

Mast Brothers Chocolate
Mast Brothers Chocolate - Facebook
Mast Brothers Chocolate – yelp

Overnight trip to Hotel Nikko Tokyo 3

We had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel.

And, it was a buffet style breakfast.
We were able to have whatever we wanted. We got a beautiful omelet which a chef made for us in front of us.

Everything was perfect; however, one of my favorite breakfast was a small curry doughnut. It was difficult to stop eating for me.

Hotel Nikko Tokyo

Overnight trip to Hotel Nikko Tokyo 2

My friend and I went to a cafe in the hotel lounge, and we had sandwiches, cakes and tea.
They were just perfect, and we enjoyed the very fine tea time.

Also, we were fascinated with the beautiful night view of Odaiba.
Odaiba is one of famous places for night view in Tokyo.
We enjoyed watching a lot of floating houseboats with colorful lights on the ocean.

Hotel Nikko Tokyo

Dintaifung characters – Travel to Taipei

This is the first time to visit Taipei for me, I went to famous restaurant Dintaifung to have their XiaoLongBao and get cute character merchandises.

We had tasty XiaoLongBao and noodle for breakfast, their character Long zai 籠仔 (I guess from Chinese characters, maybe it means like baby bamboo basket?) enjoy surfing on our table.

And I got Long zai and Bao zai 包仔 (baby steam bun?) mobile straps. They are so cute!

Dintaifung 鼎泰豊

cama cafe – Travel to Taipei

From the hotel we stayed, nearest cafe was cama cafe.

They open the shop early (I didn’t know the shops in Taipei ordinary open around noon and close midnight!) and good scent of roasting coffee beans always says welcome and try a cup of coffee. Of course their cafe-au-lait was good!

cama cafe


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