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La Vieille France


The confectionery shop in outskirt of Setagaya filled with atmosphere of “good old days of France”.


Their cakes and ice cream are not trendy but has down-to-earth beauty and really good taste.
I had orange cream Chiboust, and my friend had pistachio cake.


We were greed enough adding their rose and raspberry ice cream with these cakes.

La Vieille France




Ameshin is a hand-craft-candy shop. All of these beautiful animals and flowers are made of candy.




It is like a magic for clear hot candies transform into various shapes. Also, you can try to make your own candy at there.


Ameshin - Facebook

Ginza WEST Aoyama garden

Ginza WEST is a long-established confectionery in Ginza, their leaf pie and cookie are I and my family’s all-time favorite.

I always going to Ginza or small counter in department stores. It was my first time to go to Aoyama Garden branch. The building is in front of Aoyama Cemetery, it was refreshing – we could enjoy beautiful green through the window. (the cemetery is famous for beautiful green and cherry blossom)

I had Gorgonzola (blue cheese) lemon pie with vanilla ice cream and fresh herb tea. Both of these are promised, very good as always!

Ginza WEST
Ginza WEST Aoyama garden - Tabelog (google maps below the page)

Bean snack from Fève

My friend gave me a cute snack gift set from Fève.
Fève is a bean snack brand by famous patissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi.
All the flavors are unique, a mixture of western and Japanese cuisine.

Both of salty truffle flavored macadamia nuts with dried ground cherries and pescatore (seafood tomato) flavored horsebean with okura were very good.


Le Souffle

Le Souffle is a french restaurant, as their name, their famous special menu is souffles. You should wait 15 minutes to have good, fluffy and delicate souffle. I chose “Souffle au framboise” (raspberry souffle). It was really tasty and made me happy. If you can drink liquors, please try their liquor-using souffles. My friends always say like these are heaven. (I can’t drink, so if you can try, I envy you :D)

Le Souffle - Tabelog (google map below the page)

Taiyaki Wakaba

Here’s some famous Taiyaki shops in Tokyo, if someone asked me which place is the best, I say my most favorite Taiyaki is definitly Wakaba in Yotsuya.
From my childhood memories, I was so happy when I went back from school and found the paper wrap of Wakaba’s.

Full of salty sweet red bean paste in the crispy thin outside cake. If you were lucky enough to get a seat in the small shop, it’s better to have one or two Taiyaki “for here” before get more “to go”. Hot fresh Taiyaki is so lovely.

Taiyaki Wakaba
Taiyaki Wakaba – Tabelog (you can find Google maps below this page)

Christmas cake from Antenor

I got a lovely Christmas cake from Antenor which was limited in Matsuya Ginza.
It was baked with honey from bees that grow in Ginza.

I really enjoyed the sweet Christmas cake with my family.
It was really good!


TABLES Demitasse cupcakes


Tiny one-bite cupcakes from TABLES.
The name Demitasse came from Italian coffee espresso demitasse cup, they use it means like small “cup”cakes.



I got “pink berry” and “melty vanilla”. Top of each flavored cheese cream made us satisfied more than we expected.



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