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Decorated Roll Cake recipe


A simple roll cake made from sponge cake wrapped with cream. If you think decorating the cake is difficult, with a little ingenuity you can make this cute decorated roll cake! Junko, who created a recipe book called “Let’s make deco-roll! Patterned Roll Cakes”, has a blog were she has uploaded lots of fun and cute recipes for decorated roll cakes.


As it is written in Japanese you may not understand the details, but it seems you just fill a pastry bag with the batter for the pattern and draw that, bake it in the oven for a minute and a half, and then fill in the rest with the sponge cake batter. If it was a simple pattern, perhaps you could try making one too?

ちょっとの工夫でかわいいケーキ (japanese)
amazon (japanese)

kitty daifuku


These are the “kitty daifuku”, sold at the “Hello kitty JAPAN shop” in the international terminal of Haneda airport. They contain cream in one of three flavors: custard, chocolate or green tea. They are so cute, it seems a waste to eat them…


They are exclusive to Haneda airport’s international terminal, so if you have a flight to or from Haneda, you have to buy some! I think anyone would be delighted to receive them as a gift.

Hello kitty JAPAN shop
Hello Kitty series (sanrio)

Meltykiss Whips chocolate from meiji

Meltykiss Whips chocolate from meiji

It is a cube of whipped rich chocolate mousse covered in chocolate and cocoa powder.

Meltykiss Whips chocolate from meiji

I love the box which is sophisticated and beautiful.

Meltykiss Whips chocolate from meiji

The bliss bite has a silky melt,they are truly melted in your mouth as powder snow!

Meltykiss-meiji (japanese)
meiji (japanese)

Quattro Tiramisu sweets from Kabaya

Quattro Tiramisu sweets from Kabaya

This is a chocolate biscuit inspired by tiramisu from Kabaya.

Quattro Tiramisu sweets from Kabaya

It is made of biscuits, layered with milk chocolate,coffee sauce and mascarpone cheese flavored chocolate to create the right taste and texture of tiramisu.

Quattro Tiramisu sweets from Kabaya

I’m sure you can have a tempting tea break with Quattro Tiramisu sweets.

Kabaya (japanese)
Careme-kabaya (japanese)

people tree chocolate tablet

people tree chocolate tablet 1

People Tree is a fashionable fair trade company. Of course their chocolate tablets uses fair trade cacao.

people tree chocolate tablet 2

Not only sweet happiness for us, but producers!

People Tree Chocolate (Japanese)

Mikado Coffee

mikado coffee 4

mikado coffee 1

A beautiful colored momiji leaves came into view with coffee scent.

mikado coffee 2

We had cup of coffee and a soft serve dessert.

mikado coffee 3

Pour espresso on soft serve and sweet red bean paste. It was like Italian dolce, Affogato. yum :9

Mikado Coffee shops (Japanese)


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