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A Short Trip to Kamakura 2

A Short Trip to Kamakura2_1

A Short Trip to Kamakura2_2

I went to the ‘Tsurugaoka hachimangu’ at Kamakura also after I finished to wash my money at the ‘Zeniarai benzaiten ugafuku-shrine’.

A Short Trip to Kamakura2_3

A Short Trip to Kamakura2_4

A Short Trip to Kamakura2_5

I went there for just visiting, however, fortunately I was able to see the Shinto-style wedding. It looks very traditional Japanese style! We seemed to be transported back in time to the Edo era.

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū
Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū

A Short Trip to Kamakura 1

A Short Trip to Kamakura_1

A Short Trip to Kamakura_2

I went to the Zeniarai benzaiten ugafuku-shrine at Kamakura in Kanagawa pref.

A Short Trip to Kamakura_3

A Short Trip to Kamakura_4

A Short Trip to Kamakura_5

A Short Trip to Kamakura_6

The shrine has a religious faith that money will be returned in multiples if we wash the money with the clear water….

Zeniarai Benten Shrine
Zeniarai Benten Shrine (Japanese)

Happy Holidays Photo contest 2011-2012

Happy Holidays Photo contest 2011-2012

Dear All,
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Best of Luck,

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 2

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 2

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 2

We were very impressed the powerful performance with the real engine sounds.

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 2

Fortunately, we had met some drivers in the morning when they were going to go to the circuit from the hotel where they had stayed.

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 2

I’ve attached the better photos of ‘Jarno Trulli’ on his bike and ‘Fernando Alonso’.

Exclusive Q&A with Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg
Fernando Alonso (wikipedia)

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 1

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 1

My friend and I went to an auto race, Formula 1 at Suzuka in Mie pref. on October 2011. We’ve stayed there from October 7th to 10th, 2011.

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 1

And, we’ve watched practice sessions on Friday and a qualifying session on Saturday. Then, finally we’ve watched the race on Sunday afternoon.

2011 Formula 1 in Suzuka 1

Formula 1™ – The Official F1™ Website 2011 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX
JARNO TRULLI – Official Web Site – Formula 1 driver – Team Lotus
Fernando Alonso | laSexta

SENDAGI walk 3:Lemon no mi


”Lemon no mi” is a small, counter seating only restaurant with a set menu.


The daily lunch specials and the pastries are delicious.


All the food there is good, so anyone you bring along will find something they like.


The owner and chef is also talented at making stuffed animals and arranging bouquets, so they sometimes hold events on the second floor.

Lemon no mi

SENDAGI walk 2:C.A.G.


C.A.G. is a hat shop where your friend Gris (a nickname) both designs and hand-manufactures hats. Her hats are sold at fine retailers such as Shinjuku ISETAN MEN’S and even Barneys New York GINZA.


Since she originally worked for an advertising agency, she is sensitive to the latest trends and movements around the world.


She is very stylish, and it is fun to go chat with her in her shop.


YEBISU GARDEN PLACE Winter Illuminations


The other day, I went to YEBISU GARDEN PLACE with a friend.


All the trees were lit up, creating truly magical scenery.



A huge Baccarat chandelier was displayed in the center of the square.


The chandelier was amazing, giving the impression that it was floating in the air.

Baccarat ETERNAL LIGHTS (Japanese)


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