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Tokyo Disney Resort 1




My friend and I went to Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba pref.



It is very fun to see the Tokyo Disneyland special event, ‘Disney’s Halloween’ that has been holding from September 7, 2012 to October 31, 2012.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Afternoon tea at Shangrila Hotel Tokyo 2

Afternoon tea Shangrila Hotel2_1

Afternoon tea Shangrila Hotel2_2

Afternoon tea Shangrila Hotel2_3

The beautiful set of the afternoon tea was great.
Also, we were able to have a variety of teas and coffees as much as we wanted.
We definitely have to come back here for their ‘Autumn Afternoon Tea’.

Shangrila Hotel Tokyo
Afternoon tea – Shangrila Hotel Tokyo
Shangrila Hotel Tokyo

Afternoon tea at Shangrila Hotel Tokyo 1

Afternoon tea Shangrila Hotel_1

Afternoon tea Shangrila Hotel_2

My friend and I had very precious time at Shangrila hotel Tokyo to had their afternoon tea.

The lobby lounge on Level 28 where we had their afternoon tea is a very elegant lounge space for relax.
Also, we are able to overlook the fantastic views of Tokyo.

Shangrila Hotel Tokyo
Afternoon tea – Shangrila Hotel Tokyo
Shangrila Hotel Tokyo

Jingu Fireworks Festival



I went to my friends’ working place to enjoy Jingu Fireworks Festival.
So many people were sitting all around the road! (Probably there was traffic regulation)



We were so lucky that we could enjoy fireworks from 5th floor of the building! Share these beauty by photos!

Jingu Hanabi (Japanese)

Ankipan Rusk from Fujiko F Fujio museum


My friend gave me ‘Anki-pan Rusk’ from Fujiko F Fujio museum as a gift.


‘Anki-pan’ is one of very popular Doraemon’s secret items.
Before we eat a slice of bread, we press it to contents of a book or your note book that we want to remember.
After we have the slice of bread that the contents is transcribed, it is said that we already memorize all of them perfectly.

‘Anki-pan’ is a very magical Doraemon’s secret item that I was dying to have it especially when I was a student.


However, the rusk was very good. It was light and very crispy.

Fujiko F Fujio museum
Doraemon – Wikipedia
Doraemon’s secret items (ひみつ道具一覧 (あ-そ)) – Wikipedia Japan (Japanese)

Tokyo Character Street

tokyo_character_street 1

Step into the Tokyo station underground, there is huge shopping areas.
You can meet some famous characters at “Tokyo Character Street”.

tokyo_character_street 2

tokyo_character_street 3

Domo-kun, Totoro, One piece or Naruto, of course Hello Kitty and rilakkuma, etc etc…

tokyo_character_street 4

Do you know Nameko? They’re came from smart phone game, and now they’re becoming popular mushrooms.
Unfortunately this was limited pop-up shop, but I suppose you can find their goods at Tokyu Hands or Kiddy Land.

Tokyo Character Street (Japanese)
Yaesu Chikagai (Tokyo station’s underground shopping area) (Japanese)
Nameko Paradise

Tokyo Skytree(R) long roll


My friend has just visited to ‘Tokyo Skytree(R)’ in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
The Tokyo Skytree(R) is the world’s tallest, freestanding, broadcasting tower in which was just opened on May 22nd, 2012. It is 634 meters (2080ft) high.

Also, a giant commercial facility, Tokyo-solamachi was just opened at the same time with Tokyo Skytree(R).
There are a lot of shops and restaurants there. We are able to have some fun time all day long.



However, my friend bought a small present for me that was ‘Tokyo Skytree(R) long roll’.
The length of the long roll is made 1/1000 size of Tokyo Skytree(R).
It is a very fun confectionery for gifts.
I want to visit there after a while because it is very crowded now.

Tokyo Skytree – 東京スカイツリー
Tokyo Skytree - Wikipedia
Tokyo Soramachi

Ueno Zoo


Ueno zoo is my favorite place and, it is one of very popular zoos in Tokyo.
Also, it is very oldest zoo in Tokyo.



My favorite animals are the Giant Pandas and the Western lowland Gorillas.
The two new Giant Pandas have come from China in February 2011, and then, they are very popular now in Japan.
We really missed Giant Pandas because the Ueno zoo had been without Giant Pandas for a while.



We are able to enjoy all day long at Ueno zoo where is managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with reasonable price.

Ueno Zoo
Ueno Zoo – wikipedia


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