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Hato Sable zakka


Toshimaya “Hato Sable” is very famous souvenir cookie (or biscuit) :) you can get the cookie or some sweets almost anywhere in Tokyo.

BUT if you’d like to get their cute “Hato (pigeon)” zakka, you must go the head shop in Kamakura Kanagawa!!
I’ve got charms and magnet set ;) the big pigeon is real tasty Hato Sable.

鎌倉の味 鳩サブレー 豊島屋

Hunting golden leaves : Jingu-Gaien park in Aoyama

jingugaien fall

We went to Jingu-Gaien park in Aoyama to enjoy golden ginkgo leaves.

In Japanese, We did “momiji-gari”, means “color-tinted leaves hunt” Hunt nothing, just go out to enjoy leaves ;)

jingugaien fall

Maybe most of the time we are going to mountain, so it calls “hunt”. I think it’s peaceful recreation!

These ginkgo woods are becoming 100 years old in 2008! wow!

Tokyo by Area -Jingu Gaien(Meiji Shrine Outer Garden Area)-

Tokyo tower (and wax museum)

tokyo tower

by kobakou

The Tokyo Tower is 333 meters high. Since 1958 is has been the world’s tallest self-supporting iron tower.The tower is painted in white and orange to meet aviation safety regulations. The Tokyo tower broadcasts 14 signals for radio and television.

tokyo tower

by kobakou

An aquarium, wax museum and several more attractions can be found on the ground floors of the tower.

tokyo tower wax museum
by marahami

This is Frank Zappa wax dall. The wax museum director may likes progressive rock.

TOKYO TOWER / Tokyo Tower Data

Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport

The domestic terminal airport, Haneda Airport is conveniently located for a trip by air within the country.

Haneda Airport

Most international flights use Narita Airport,but in case some of international flights use Haneda Airport.

Haneda Airport

The nickname is “Big bard”. You must be careful as it has got Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. You’d be in trouble if you take a wrong one by mistake!

It is quite a fun place with many stores such as the famous Japanese confectionary shop “Toraya”.

Haneda Airport Toraya

BIG BIRD(Haneda Airport)
Tokyo International Airport – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TORAYA English Web Page | TORAYA Confectionery

“The Rainbow Bridge”

rainbow bridge
by LE Eyes

rainbow bridge
by etrepum
It named because of its changing nighttime lights, Rainbow Bridge spans the bay from Minato-ku to Odaiba one of Tokyo’s premier wining and dining areas.

Flickr: Search “Rainbow Bridge Tokyo”
Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“TORINOICHI” : Japanese festival 

Yeah, I have been to “TORINOICH” in Asakusa!

“TORINOICH” is a local festival held in many places around Tokyo in Nov. And the most famous is this one at Asakusa’s.

There are many stalls lining up and selling the good-luck charm “kumade“(Japanese pitchfork)and many people buy them.

It is said that “kumade” would “sweep in the good-luck to you” so even famous politicians, artists or big companies get them every year. For example, The Governor of Tokyo and the Sony are among them! (I wonder that it’s hard for the people other than Japanese to get it !? )

This slidshow is by titanium22 (Hanazono-jinjya at Shinjuku 2006)

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

ASAKUSA Torinoichi


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