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Hankyu men’s : department store in Osaka for only men’s fashion

The “men’s products only” fashion building “Hankyu men’s” has been opened at the Hankyu department store in Osaka.

hankyu men's
by MShades

They have the world-first Louis Vuitton shop that only men’s products on offer, or the world-second shop of Tom Ford, who used to work at Gucci, following its NY’s open and so on, and this must be an endlessly-so- interesting department store for those men who are into fashion.

tom ford
TOM FORD by nikkei trendy net

In addition, there are many other men’s only stores of some of the luxury brand such as Bvlgari or Tiffany. On the casual-ware side, they have the Under Cover, N.HOOLYWOOD or Hysteric Glamour etc. on offer.

under cover
by nikkei trendy net

It sounds like that the “Isetan Men’s” for Tokyo and “Hankyu men’s” for Osaka will become the epicenters of men’s fashion in Japan. I’d love to go there with a guy with a good taste in fashion.

Hankyu men’s(more photos)

Shibuya Crossing AD

This is the most well-known, even globally, scramble crossway in Shibuya. There are 4 large outdoor screens, and the advertising fee for the most eye-caching, largest one is 10,000 US dollars per week. (They’d broadcast your ads four times in one hour from 9:00 a.m. to 24:00 p.m.)

Vidal Sassoon 2007 Spring campaing feat. Japanese female singer “Namie Amuro”

shibuy amuro

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TORAYA : traditional confectionery in Japan


TORAYA is one of the oldest makers of traditional confectionery in Japan.
Every piece of wagashi confections is made of the finest ingredients using the most careful methods. Each of the shops is committed to providing both the highest quality wagashi and sincere, considerate service.


These are”Abekawa mochi with maccya green tea” and “Awazenzai with maccya green tea” from TRAYA tea room in Ginza.

Abekawa mochi (pounded glutinous rice) is dusted with a light coating of sweetened kinako. Kinako is a tan or beige flour made by grinding whole roasted soybeans.

Awazenzai is a sweet dish consisting of millet pounded into a glutinous mass that is shaped into cakes and covered in sweet adzuki bean paste.

TORAYA English Web Page

Yokohama red brick warehouse

yokohama akarenga (red brick warehouse)

Yokohama is a city near from Tokyo. You can go there by train in 30 minutes or so. Many noted beautiful places are in there, Yokohama people are very proud of their town;)

yokohama akarenga (red brick warehouse)

I went to Yokohama red brick warehouse. The warehouse was built in 1907, it was of course warehouse at first. then became US army headquarters when WW2 was over. after that, became warehouse again. Now, there is not. there are many foods, clothes, zakka shops!
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Piece of Peace Tokyo : LEGO exhibition

LEGO tower of effel

I looked in Shibuya Parco LOGOS gallary. The exhibition named “Piece of Peace – world heritage exhibit built with LEGO” is holding until 25th Feb. 2008.

LEGO Torre di Pisa

You can see “Tower of Pisa”, “Shirakawago”, “Town Hall and Roland on the Marketplace of Bremen”, and “Tower of Effel”.

If you think you want to see more and it’s OK to pay for that, please go up to Parco Factory in 6th floor.
LEGO Town Hall and Roland on the Marketplace of Bremen

LEGO  shirakawago
There are 26 world heritages built by LEGO.

Piece of Peace – world heritage exhibit built with LEGO

What Japanese food “Monjayaki” ?

monjayaki 01

Do you know “monjayaki”? It’s similar to “okonomiyaki”, but “monjayaki” is known as a snack food of Kanto area including Tokyo, while “okonomiyaki” is its counter-food in West Japan such as Hiroshima or Osaka.

This is “okonomiyaki”.
“okonomiyaki” by laughlin

“monjayaki” is made like this: Firstly mix the ingredients like cabbages and sea food with water and flour, then place the mixture on a heated plate. As you turn and mind the mixtures with scraper tool, the liquids is evaporated. Once the mixture is partially sort of burnt it is ready. Now you’d take the individual smaller scraper and help yourself a small portion by scraping the cooked (burnt) mixture directly from the plate.

The way of cooking and eating “monjayaki”
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I know eating burnt bits is rather wired and shocking way of eating, but it is tasty.

monjayaki 03
eating “monjayaki”

There is a “monjayaki” restaurant that had celebrities including Brad Pitt visited in Tukishima, a downtown area of Tokyo. I reckon trying ”monjayaki” is becoming a part of Tokyo tourism for foreigners?

Monjayaki – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marunouchi HOUSE

marunouchi house 2

Marunouchi” is the business center of Japan and Japanese headquarters of those trading firms and major financial institutes are standing side by side here.

shin-marunouchi building by .Amy.huimei98.

Marunouchi HOUSE” has been opened last year as a community place where the people who work for these companies to meet and communicate. It is located on the 7th floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building with cafes, restaurants and bars. In the open space, people can get together bringing the food & drinks they select from those shops.

marunouchi house 1

You can look down Tokyo station or Imperial Palace from up there, and it is transformed to a club space with famous DJs playing at night. (I haven’t been there myself yet, but heard that DJs like Tei Towa and FPM’d played there.)

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Because the concept is to “invite” your friends to Marunouchi, the area seems to be a sort of “established” during the day time, but “Marunouchi HOUSE” at night sounds like a casual and fun place. If you have a change to come to Tokyo, why don’t you check there?

(marunouchi) HOUSE
Marunouchi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hatsumode ; the first shrine visiting of the New Year

kanda myojin 1

For Japanese people, “Oshogatsu”, the New Year’s holiday time is a more important festivity than Christmas. Many of us‘d go to shrines and pray for a happy life in the new year.

Taga-taishya 1
Taga Taisha

I have been to two shrines, one is Taga Taisha in Taga-cho, Siga Prefecture & the other is Kanda Myojin in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Ise bridge
Ise bridge by Mr. Mark

The most famous shrine in Japan is the Ise Jingu in Ise-shi, Mie Prefecture. The Japanese Prime Minister goes there, too. Above all, this is the shrine where the Imperial ancestors are enshrined.

kanda myojin 2
Kanda Myojin

Kanda Myojin is known as the God of Business. And many companies from all over Tokyo, – form the largest business enterprise to the business owners of small & medium sized companies visit there and pray for a good business for the year. Well, well what will this year be like?

kanda myojin 3

Hatsumōde (Wikipedia)
Japanese New Year (Wikipedia)
Tokyo Hotels (HotelTravel.com)


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