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ANNA SUI Rose Cheek Color


I got a rose cheek color (#400) from Anna Sui.
I always love Anna Sui’s very beautiful, girly and romantic design.


This rose cheek color comes in 6 shades, and glitter powder is contained in the brightest pink color.
Also, I really love the creamy texture that stays on my cheek as long as I want.

ANNA SUI cosmetics

Tokyo Character Street

tokyo_character_street 1

Step into the Tokyo station underground, there is huge shopping areas.
You can meet some famous characters at “Tokyo Character Street”.

tokyo_character_street 2

tokyo_character_street 3

Domo-kun, Totoro, One piece or Naruto, of course Hello Kitty and rilakkuma, etc etc…

tokyo_character_street 4

Do you know Nameko? They’re came from smart phone game, and now they’re becoming popular mushrooms.
Unfortunately this was limited pop-up shop, but I suppose you can find their goods at Tokyu Hands or Kiddy Land.

Tokyo Character Street (Japanese)
Yaesu Chikagai (Tokyo station’s underground shopping area) (Japanese)
Nameko Paradise

Oishi YAMAGATA Plaza



There are many Pilot Shops in Ginza where you can get each prefecture’s touring information and purchase its local specialities.
Today I bought plums, dried pear, and fruit juice at a Yamagata shop.
It’s fun looking for yummy and cutely designed things.
Going around antenna shops is a simple way to enjoy the taste of touring.

Oishi YAMAGATA Plaza – おいしい山形プラザ
Ginza Pilot Shops map

yoyogi village

yoyogi village 1

yoyogi village 2

Passing through the business town, modern garden appears.
This is yoyogi village. Good and health- conscious shops are in there.
I had a special blend tea that made of herbs and flowers.
穿過商業區,一座很時尚的公園映入眼帘。這就是代々木VILLAGE. 那裡有很注重健康,好逛的商店。我點了有草本植物和花混合特製的茶喔。
yoyogi village 3

And got some breads for breakfast!
yoyogi village

Isetatsu Tenugui

isetatsu 1

Isetatsu is a shop from Edo era, there’s so many beautiful wood-printing papers, chiyogami, paper toys, and Japanese pattern goods.

isetatsu 2

isetatsu 3

I love their cute Omocha-e (Ukiyoe for kids in Edo era) series, especially cats ones.
All of the cats are working and dancing on Tenugui!

Isetatsu (Japanese)
Ueno, Asakusa, and Yanaka : Isetatsu

Goma Tamago “Tokyo Tamago” from Ginza tamaya

goma tamago 1

goma tamago 2

goma tamago 3

goma tamago 4

This is a cake with black sesame paste, cream and covered in a white chocolate shaped like a little egg.
They are sold as a Tokyo souvenir. Individually wrapped which looks like a real egg. Yummmmmy!

Tokyo Tamago

New design of ‘My Loads are Light’ socks




I got another a couple of ‘My Loads are Light’ socks because the new design socks are just on sale.
I love the design and the color combinations, and also it is very comfortable to wear them!

My Loads are Light – Tumblr
My Loads are Light – shopping

Red wool gloves & Mr Marc 4G iPhone case from marc by marc jacobs men’s

marc by marc gloves

I got classic red wool gloves & Mr Marc 4G iPhone case by marc by marc jacobs for men’s at Hankyu department store in Yurakucho.
These stylish red wool gloves keep me stylishly warm and cozy.
I love this fun and playful silicone 4G iPhone case with Mr Marc print across the back.

marc jacobs
Hankyu Department store Yurakucho Men’s


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