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Le Souffle

Le Souffle is a french restaurant, as their name, their famous special menu is souffles. You should wait 15 minutes to have good, fluffy and delicate souffle. I chose “Souffle au framboise” (raspberry souffle). It was really tasty and made me happy. If you can drink liquors, please try their liquor-using souffles. My friends always say like these are heaven. (I can’t drink, so if you can try, I envy you :D)

Le Souffle - Tabelog (google map below the page)

Otaru Masazushi Ginza

My friend and I had a dinner at Otaru Masazushi in Ginza.
The Sushi restaurant provides us freshly-caught fishes at Otaru in Hokkaido.
We had some Sashimi for appetizers, and then we had wonderful Sushi.

We had really good time with their kind hospitalities and the good foods.

Otaru Masazushi Ginza

Lunch at Yasaikamei

My friend and I had a lunch at Yasaikamei in Kashiwa-shi, Chiba pref.
It is one of my favorite restaurants because we are able to have a lot of local fresh vegetables.
I chose curry with a lot of kinds of root vegetables that came with miso soup.

Also, we were able to have appetizers which were cooked by a lot of fresh local vegetables in a buffet style.

We had very good time with healthy wonderful foods.

Yasaikamei Kashiwa branch

Lunch at Hotel de Mikuni

Kiyomi Mikuni is one of the most famous French chef in Japan, his restaurant “Hotel de Mikuni” is also famous, keep popularity and fame for a long time – 28 years – in Yotsuya.
Honestly the restaurant’s regular menu is expensive for us. However now they collaborate with OZmall, they are producing reasonable “entry” lunch course.

Main dish is daily special fish grill, other dishes are full of various beautiful vegetables, cheese and desserts.

We really enjoyed all the beautiful and awesome dishes. I hope to go back to the restaurant very soon.

Hotel de Mikuni
Hotel de Mikuni – Tabelog
Hotel de Mikuni – OZmall

Ginza Gozenbo

My sister and I had a lunch at Gozenbo in Ginza.
We chose a mini Chinese medical cookery course.

We had a lot of kinds of mushrooms which were very good.
We felt very healthy with the good foods.

Ginza Gozenbo

Kushinobo Shinjuku

I love fresh-fried hot serving kushiage. (fried vegetables and meat on skewer)
Kushinobo is one of my favorite kushiage restaurant. I always choose their pre-fixed 10 or 12 kushiage course, it’s a good time to have every different kushiage at a once. My favorite seasoning is lemon and their special salt, that is including baked powdery fugu (puffer fish) bone.

Kushinobo Shinjuku – Tabelog
kushiage (kushikatsu) – Wikipedia

Italian restaurant, Napule

I went to an Italian restaurant, Napule at Minami-Aoyama.

My friend and I had antipastos, 3 kinds of pizzas, meat and desserts with latte.
We were very full with very a good dinner.


A French restaurant, le nougat

My friend and I went to a French restaurant, le nougat at Ginza.

We felt very cozy and had very good time with beautiful foods there.

And, we had carrots salad, watercress and mushroom salad, quiche,
bouillabaisse and tart & latte.

Everything was just perfect.

le nougat
le nougat – Tabelog


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