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Preparing for Easter at THE PENINSULA HOTEL TOKYO

Preparing for Easter at THE PENINSULA HOTEL TOKYO

My friend and I had a break at The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe. We had a quiet and realxing time with hot chocolate and cafe latte. They are preparing fancy French chocolate Easter eggs for Easter.

Preparing for Easter at THE PENINSULA HOTEL TOKYO

Preparing for Easter at THE PENINSULA HOTEL TOKYO

Tokyo Hotels: The Peninsula Tokyo Official Site, Tokyo Luxury Hotel

Gonpachi Roppongi (Nishiazabu)

gonpachi roppongi

Let me talk about a Japanese restaurant/izakaya Gonpach in Nish-Azabu, Roppongi.

Well, I guess many of you may already have heard about this place as it has been quite famous already. The former Prime Minister, Mr. Koizumi took President Bush here, and it was used as a movie-set, which Uma Thurman played the action scenes of “Kill Bill”.
gonpachi kill bill
by switchstyle

Kill Bill
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I’ve just been there for the first time and was surprised to see there were more foreigners than local customers. Some of their staff can speak English and the price is reasonable, it would be good place for a traveler. It seems that many business men transferred from overseas frequent here.

gonpachi roppongi

You can enjoy a good dinner of a la carte including yakitori, sashimi or donburi together with some sake, and it would only cost about 5,000 yen (about $50 US. ) per person.

gonpachi roppongi

To me as a Japanese person, the caricatured Japanese-style interior was very interesting!

It is about 10 min. walk from Roppongi subway station, located at the Nish-Azabu intersection.


Bagel & Bagel : Japanese Bagel cafes

Bagel & Bagel : Japanese Bagel cafes

“Bagel & Bagel” are Japanese Bagel cafes. Zero-cholesterol,oil-free, low-cal and reduced-fat Bagels are very heathy. I’d love to have Bagels evey lunch.


Tokyo Breakfast : The Westin Hotel in Ebisu

This is a healthy Breakfast which is called “Tokyo Bresakfast” form The Westin Hotel in Ebisu. “Tokyo Bresakfast” is Tofu-and-vegetables-dominated menu.

Westin Tokyo Hotels: The Westin Tokyo – Hotel Rooms at westin.com

Marunouchi HOUSE

marunouchi house 2

Marunouchi” is the business center of Japan and Japanese headquarters of those trading firms and major financial institutes are standing side by side here.

shin-marunouchi building by .Amy.huimei98.

Marunouchi HOUSE” has been opened last year as a community place where the people who work for these companies to meet and communicate. It is located on the 7th floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building with cafes, restaurants and bars. In the open space, people can get together bringing the food & drinks they select from those shops.

marunouchi house 1

You can look down Tokyo station or Imperial Palace from up there, and it is transformed to a club space with famous DJs playing at night. (I haven’t been there myself yet, but heard that DJs like Tei Towa and FPM’d played there.)

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Because the concept is to “invite” your friends to Marunouchi, the area seems to be a sort of “established” during the day time, but “Marunouchi HOUSE” at night sounds like a casual and fun place. If you have a change to come to Tokyo, why don’t you check there?

(marunouchi) HOUSE
Marunouchi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ZOKA coffee : My favorite Cafe


When I’m a bit hungry,I always have a quiche with caffe latte.It’s a nice place to relax the mind.


BUBBA GUMP in Tokyo : My favorite American dinner

My favorite American dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp in Toyosu. I always feel like having Dr Pepper with hamburgers. You can see The Rainbow Bridge from the restaurant. very romantic at night.

bubba-gump <p style=




Bubba Gump Shrimp in Toyosu

MOS Burger : Japanese burger shop

MOS Burger

MOS Burger, it means from the initial letters of “Mountain,Ocean,Sun” is a fast-food restaurant chain (fast-casual) that originated in Japan.

  • “M” stands for Mountain – dignified and noble.
  • “O” stands for Ocean – wide and vast.
  • “S” stands for sun – vibrant and life-giving.
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    MOS Burger offers a wide variety of unique and original MOS burger, as well as local specialities. Menu and styles might have changed but the MOS policy and passionate commitment to creating delicious,quality burgers has never changed.

    My favorite combination is Spicy Mos cheeseburger,Spicy chili dog, French fries and Onion rings with New England clam chowder soup and minestrone.

    There are also items called “rice burgers”. The buns are made of rice, and instead of patties,they have cooked shrimps or pork cutlets with miso sauce.



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