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3 Daime(3rd-generation)TAIMEIKEN

3daime taimeiken 1

“3 Daime TAIMEIKEN” is one of the traditional Western-style restaurants in Japan.
(3rd-generation)TAIMEIKEN at Ueno station was opened in late 2010.

My friend and I had quick lunch there before the shopping.
It is very convenience to have quick lunch or dinner at a station.

3daime taimeiken 2

We had Omuraisu, crab cream croquettes, coleslaw salad and Borscht soup.
An Omuraisu is one of my favorite dishes made from egg, rice with ketchup and tomato ketchup sauce mainly. The rice with ketchup is covered by very soft and thin omelet.

3daime taimeiken 3

The beautiful yellow omelet was melted in my mouth quickly. And, of course it was very tasty.
And also, the crab cream croquettes were very soft and creamy.
We did not even have to chew them.


Green Grill

green grill 1

Me & my friend went to lunch at Green Grill.

green grill 2

green grill 3

We had “choice lunch”, we could choose main dish, deli, and vegetable for salad.
It was good & fun!

Green Grill (Japanese)

BIO cafe

biocafe 1

BIO cafe is the cafe for beauty & health.
They use organic vagetables. soy milk, genmai or miscellaneous cereals.

biocafe 2

biocafe 3

I chose “reset course” for dinner.

biocafe 4

Their vage-meat was really good! :9

biocafe 5

BIO cafe (Japanese)

Cafe Asan

cafe Asan

Cafe Asan is in Suehiro-cho, 1 station (but you can walk easily) from Akihabara.

cafe Asan

If you walk along the railroad tracks, suddenly neat white wall place appears.
This is 2k540. In there, cute zakka shops, designer offices, & food places.

cafe Asan

You can try to sit on hammock, use free WiFi, try unique flavored drinks and Japanese-asian foods at Cafe Asan.

Cafe Asan
2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN (Japanese)

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna is a famous Swedish restaurant in Roppongi.

Lilla Dalarna

The inside of there is cozy and foods are good :) Of course you can have meat ball with lingonberry, salmon, herring, shrimp, and more.

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna (japanese)

Mikado Coffee

mikado coffee 4

mikado coffee 1

A beautiful colored momiji leaves came into view with coffee scent.

mikado coffee 2

We had cup of coffee and a soft serve dessert.

mikado coffee 3

Pour espresso on soft serve and sweet red bean paste. It was like Italian dolce, Affogato. yum :9

Mikado Coffee shops (Japanese)

Rinato Kitchen

rinato kitchen

Rinato Kitchen is my friends’ everyday cafe. You can have healthy Japanese homey foods at there.

rinato kitchen

All of the menu can order each single.

Rinato Kitchen (Japanese)


kurumed coffee

KURUMED COFFEE is really cute but not only cute cafe!

kurumed coffee

The shop theme is “KURUMI” (walnut), we can have tasty walnuts for free… for formerly child, and small adults future.

kurumed coffee

All of the foods and drinks are tasty! I wish if I could live in the cafe!!

kurumed coffee



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