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OZ magazine

OZ magazine-01

“OZ magazine” is full of local Tokyo information, art and travel information, and more. The topic of this month’s edition is “sweets” (“oyatsu” in Japanese.) In Japan, 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. “tea time” is called “oyatsu time.”

OZ magazine-02

OZ magazine-03

There is lots of information about the newest cute sweet shops in Tokyo, as well as information about mail-order sweets from all over the country. It’s hard to decide which sweets to try, or where to go to buy them!

OZ magazine-04

You can buy the ipad version from the Japanese app store.

OZ magazine (japanese)
Digital magazine download (japanese)

Blissful Cakes from Cafe comme ca

 Blissful Cakes from Cafe comme ca

 Blissful Cakes from Cafe comme ca

These are a thick and fluffy Raspberry Tube Cake and a rich Gateau Classic Chocolat from Cafe comme ca. They serve cakes with fruits of the season and a beautiful decoration.

 Blissful Cakes from Cafe comme ca

 Blissful Cakes from Cafe comme ca

The cafe is comfortable, great place you can feel good about eating at.

Cafe comme ca  (japanese)

Fancy fruit dessert from TAKANO

Fancy fruit dessert from TAKANO

This is a fancy fruit dessert from TAKANO. There are a strawberry,a grape,a melon, a peach compote and a fig compote on the layer of light and luscious orange mousse.

Fancy fruit dessert from TAKANO

I’m sure that the fabulous fruit dessert will satisfy any sweet tooth.

TAKANO(japanese site)

hojicha tea syrup shaved ice

hojicha tea syrup shaved ice

You know Matcha is nice flavor for almost every sweets. In these days, we can see some Hojicha sweets.

hojicha tea syrup shaved ice

Hojicha shaved ice is perfect for Tokyo’s muggy summer days! Not too much sweeten, slightly bitter, scent of roasted tea leaf, and chilling your tongue.

Hojicha (Wikipedia)

Shimokita Chaen Ohyama – Tabelog (Japanese)

Pierre Marcolini Glacerie

Pierre Marcolini Glacerie

Yay, finally I could have delicious chocolat parfait at Pierre Marcolini Glacerie!

Pierre Marcolini Glacerie

The shop is always so crowded on weekends. The mint chocolate ice cream was heaven!

Pierre Marcolini
Pierre Marcolini (Japanese site)

cafe flowing KARASUMA

cafe flowing KARASUMA2

This is a cafe in Kyoto that is inside of a renovated old western-style building. It has high ceilings that give it a nice spacious feel.

cafe flowing KARASUMA3

There are always lots of customers, but Kyoto’s relaxed atmosphere and the comfortable environment will let you relax. The lunch course was also delicious!

cafe flowing KARASUMA 1

cafe flowing KARASUMA (japanese)

grilled Unagi eel day – the midsummer day of the Ox

grilled Unagi eel day - the midsummer day of the Ox

26th July was the grilled Unagi (eel) day in Japan. Me and my mom went to Unagi speciality shop, and enjoy sharing soft, good, and fortifying fish against muggy summer days!

grilled Unagi eel day - the midsummer day of the Ox

And we had sea bream chazuke. It’s also good for summer day. easy & tasty historical fast food… rice with sea bream sashimi that poured Japanese tea or dashi.

Unagi (Wikipedia)
Chazuke (Wikipedia)
Doyo Ushinohi

Naniwaya (Azabu-Juban)


Naniwaya is famous for their Taiyaki and shaved ice. At first, Me and my friend’s purpose was their shaved ice. But you can see no ice on the pic… we chose their latest roll cake with red bean paste.


We were satisfied! but no pic of their specialties… XD

Tabelog – Naniwaya (Japanese)
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