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via Partenope/Italian restaurant 2

via Partenope 2_1

The restaurant has a stone oven for the pizza.
We chose Marinara pizza and 4 kinds of cheese pizza that the fresh from oven taste were just wonderful.

via Partenope 2_2

via Partenope 2_3

We really enjoyed our weekend lunch at the pretty Italian restaurant.

via Partenope

via Partenope/Italian restaurant 1

via Partenope 1

via Partenope 2

My friend and I went to lunch on weekend to an Italian restaurant, via Partenope in Ebisu.

via Partenope 3

We’ve ordered the Special Lunch for weekend that were included Today’s assorted appetizers, Pizza or Pasta, Special assorted desserts and coffee or tea.

via Partenope

Brunch at the Peninsula Tokyo

My friend and I went to the Boutique and Cafe at the Peninsula Hotel Tokyo to had brunch on Sunday.
It was very crowded with people who were having brunch and some sweets.



However, we had a quiche of ham and cheese with salad and salad with grilled gizzard.
They looked very beautiful, and also the tastes were very good.


We loved the bread sooo much.

Peninsula Tokyo

Khyber”Indian tandoor restaurant” 2

khyber 2_1

khyber 2_2

We chose curries of the main course that were spicy prawn curry and mild chicken curry with basmati rice and naan.
The curries were incredibly wonderful!

khyber 2_3

Finally, we had their original sweet desserts. They helped our mouths cool down.


Khyber”Indian tandoor restaurant” 1

khyber 1

khyber 2

My friend and I went to an Indian tandoor restaurant, “KHYBER” in Ginza.

khyber 3

We had the “Khyber Party set” for our dinner.
It was started from “Cheese Kulcha” which the cheese was very rich and creamy.
It was the first time for me to eat it, however it was great for cheese lovers.

khyber 4

Secondly, we had “Salad” and “7 kinds of Khyber mix grill”.
I loved the cauliflowers very much.


Yasaika Mei


My friends and I went to have a lot of fresh vegetables at Yasaika Mei for lunch in Kashiwa.

The restaurant was flooded with a lot of sunlight because of the large windows. The lovely sunlight made us feel comfortable.

We had a special lunch course.
It was started with Bagna cauda.
The beautiful vegetables were garden-fresh of the locals.
Yasaika Mei buys fresh vegetables from the local contract farmers.


And, we had small portions of the appetizer that were the 9 kinds of vegetables.
They were beautifully placed in a square serving dish.




Also, we had SASHIMI of fresh Aloe vera, Tempura of vegetables, grilled conger myriaster and some vegetables,
cooked rice with salmon roe, whitebait and field mustard and some desserts that were mango sorbet, abekawa-mochi and brownie with fresh cream and tomato compote.
Everything was perfectly good taste, and it made us healthy body too.

Yasaika Mei

Pietra Orto

pietra orto 2

I went to Pietra Orto with my friends. The restaurant’s specialty is oysters.

pietra orto 1

We all had rice au gratin with oysters. Good friends, good food, good time.

Pietra Orto – HOT PEPPER (Japanese)


mme cirque 1

Mme.CIRQUE is imaginary french circus cafe.
Faux big lion & tiger passes through the fire circle. huge elephant looks down us. many white hands act something…

mme cirque 2

mme cirque 3

mme cirque 4

I had omurice lunch under the tiger’s belly.

Mme. CIRQUE (Japanese)
ALCOTT (Japanese)


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