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Shanghai hairy crab 1

Shanghai hairy crab 1

I went to a restaurant to have ‘Shanghai hairy crab’ at Chikuen in Kanda.

Shanghai hairy crab 1

Shanghai hairy crab 1

It is the best season for the crab now until February.
And, I had their special Shanghai hairy crab dinner course menu.

Chikuen in Kanda (Japanese)

SENDAGI walk 3:Lemon no mi


”Lemon no mi” is a small, counter seating only restaurant with a set menu.


The daily lunch specials and the pastries are delicious.


All the food there is good, so anyone you bring along will find something they like.


The owner and chef is also talented at making stuffed animals and arranging bouquets, so they sometimes hold events on the second floor.

Lemon no mi

Les Creations de NARISAWA 2


Not only dishes, but even butter was feast of our eyes.
Whipped butter was in the flowerpot. Brown earth was made by black olive powder.




The dessert wagon was so beautiful – artistic autumn was there!
The waiter smiled and said you can choose anything, or ALL!


Les Creations de NARISAWA

Les Creations de NARISAWA 1



I went to Les Creations de NARISAWA for my birthday lunch.


I do love ALL of his dishes, … especially charcoal fried oysters were stunning!
We could eat the crispy and good scent black coat as it is.


Les Creations de NARISAWA



I went to 10ZEN, an herbal restaurant in Shinagawa.
The dishes served at 10ZEN are all based on traditional Chinese medicine.


I had the yoga-nabe.


Consuming so many traditional medicinal ingredients is very good for the body.
After I finished eating, my body felt warm and pleasant, and I felt very calm and relaxed.


After the meal I drank a vinegar-based juice. It was very refreshing and delicious.

10ZEN (Japanese)

Lunch at ‘kurkku <<< kitchen’ 2

kurkku kitchen 2_1

kurkku kitchen 2_2

And, I had a grilled Camembert cheese salad and a pork steak with grilled potato and onions.
Especially, the fresh vegetables were very good.

kurkku kitchen 2_3

kurkku kitchen 2_4

Moreover, yaki-onigiri (roasted rice balls) were served.
We were already very full, but we had a desert, ‘tiramisu’ with ice cream at the end.

kurkku kitchen

Lunch at ‘kurkku <<< kitchen’ 1

kurkku kitchen 1

My friend and I went to have a lunch on last weekend at ‘kurkku <<< kitchen’ in Harajuku, Tokyo.

kurkku kitchen 2

We had their special lunch course.
It was started from a soup. We chose a cold potato soup, ‘vichrssoise’ which is my favorite.

kurkku kitchen

Ivan Ramen Plus

ivan ramen plus 1

Ivan Ramen Plus is unique ramen shop, their ramens are “fusion” of Japanese traditional ramen and western food essence.

ivan ramen plus 2

Special ago-dashi ramen use fish soup with olive oil and tomatoes. Baked whole wheat flour in noodles. It was so good!

ivan ramen plus 4

The shop design is nice & neat too. It makes us happy to drop in there!

Ivan Ramen


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