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“Eminem” -The Recovery Japan Tour 2012




I went to “Eminem” -The Recovery Japan Tour 2012.
It was a blast! He is definitely best artist in the world. He is legend.


Thank you Eminem for coming to Japan. You are always with us.




The popular Japanese Idol group ARASHI have donated copies of their book, which is not available for purchase, to around 40,000 elementary and middle schools across Japan. As the book is not available in the shops there have been floods of enquiries, it is difficult to find even in school libraries due to the large number of reservations that have been made. All five members of ARASHI chose a destination that they would like to visit, and their experiences are featured in the book.


The leader Satoshi Ohno visited Aomori and talked with Yoshitomo Nara, he also tried his hand at the traditional embroidery of Aomori “KOGIN.


Sho Sakurai visited Nara’s tea plantations and tried tea picking. He interviewed a young 25 year old farmer, and in the article compares the farmer’s ambition, with the meaning behind his own work. Nino, who loves video games, visited the headquarters of Nintendo. The members each visited their favorite locations, and enjoyed their favorite activities, through these experiences the book helps to show students who are uncertain about their future, that there are many different paths available to them, it is a very impressive book.

Nippon no Arashi (tokyohive)

mizu hanabi – water fireworks

mizu hanabi - water fireworks

Water fireworks! No fire, but beautiful “water works” with laser lights and music.

mizu hanabi - water fireworks

mizu hanabi - water fireworks

We chose exciting place to experience – near mizu hanabi.

mizu hanabi - water fireworks

It was so fun, wet wet wet, makes all the people happy!


Pepsi NEX new comercial video featuring Perfume

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This year Pepsi NEX comercial video features Japanese music artists. They remake musical masterpieces in 80s and 90s.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Now Perfume performs Cardigans 90s hit “Love Fool”.

Pepsi (Japan)

TITANMOON live performance at Tokyo American Club


Last Friday I went to see TITANMOON live performance at Tokyo American Club.
One of 8tokyo.com reader, Elizabeth(from US) invited me there. She is TITANMOON’s manager.


They are indie rock band from Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas. Now touring around the world, Pakistan, Dubai and Japan.


It’s amazing music, indie rock but mainstream sound.


From media (via titanmoon.net)

“As friendly with U2-ish rock as with Strokes-ian punchiness, titanmoon might be the missing link between hipster and international man of leisure.”

“The ’80s mod-rock mined by titanmoon comes straight from the Book of U2, all perfectly orchestrated atmospherics, the crash of tinny guitars, and cosmic vibes.”

“Ethereal, imagistic pop rock.”

“An orchestral mélange of hooks, hard beats, and digital keyboard colors clearly informed by the likes of The Killers and Bloc Party.”

“Simply, if there is one band that’s more ready for making the big jump, we can’t think of one.”

“This very publication couldn’t go a week without bragging on the musical prowess of a new outfit: . . . titanmoon is on its way to becoming the proverbial stick by which all other quiet, moody alt-rock bands will be measured.”

- Fort Worth Weekly

“Titanmoon crafts smart, shimmering, hook-heavy indie-rock.”
- Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Titanmoon performs ambitious music made majestic by a layering of sounds…This band is full of talent!”

- Music Connection Magazine

“Concept albums are always tricky to pull off, but Titanmoon more than accomplishes its goal. These dense indie-rock compositions have an epic sweep and clear-eyed emotional heft.”

- Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“… the band’s new, elegant direction. A sense of epic, hyper-synthesized grandeur still infuses Titanmoon’s mod-rock.”

- Fort Worth Weekly

“Titanmoon’s Postcard E.P. is a moody, intelligent and very promising collection of acoustic-based dream pop.”

- The Rage, Nashville



October 21 7:45PM at Yukotopia in Umejima, Tokyo
October 23 10:00PM at Ongaku Shokudou in Nagaoka, Niigata
October 24 8:00PM at Yokosuka Naval Base
October 27 8:15PM at Yellow Vision in Asagaya, Tokyo
October 29 7:15PM at Zher the Zoo in Yoyogi, Tokyo

Don’t miss it.


YMCK “dot” Keychain


“YMCK” is known as nostalgic 8bit video game-like tunes. How do you feel their artwork ?

kawaii YMCK

I wanted to buy thier goods, someday. Finally, I find the “dot” Keychain at a capsule toy vending machine. You can purchase it at HMV Shibuya and Village van guard chain stores.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

YMCK Official Web Site
MySpace.com – YMCK
YMCK: Aesthetics For The 8bit Generation (PingMag)

Cornelius : Tokyo international forum concert

by Taichi Kaminogoya

A large-scale concert of cornelius was held in Tokyo international forum after a long absence.

He continued music activity during about 20 years, and has been challenging the various latest technology and ideas recently.

by kool A mojo

In this concert, he shoed the performance that high-definition picture and music synchronized with HD screen. The DVD will be released. This is a pleasure, too.


Tower Books : TOWER RECORD’s book store

Towerrecords Shibuya towerbooks

The U.S TOWER RECORDS has unfortunately gone bankrupt, but the Japanese TOWER RECORDS is still alive and well. (It is the same brand as the U.S TOWER RECORDS, but a different capital business from it).

There is a bookstore on the 6th floor of the TOWER RECORDS in Shibuya and you can get many kinds of foreign books and magazines there. I wonder if many English native speakers living in Japan would come and buy the books and magazine here? ( No doubt that many people also use the Amazon, though)

Towerrecords Shibuya

TOWER RECORDS Shibuya store is the largest CD shop in Japan. I bet you can find relatively “rare” CDs if you try there!



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