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Tabeyoubi event #1


Tabeyoubi is a cooking magazine from Orange Page publishing.


Recipes are very easy to understand on this mag, they use a lot of photos, not so many explanations!
Tabeyoubi was seasonal at first, and now it became monthly. The first monthly issue came out on 20th June.
They held anniversary event in Shimokitazawa.



I and my friend joined their “stamp rally” (collect stamps from some designated shops for prize), and got their cute character Tabeyoze & Taneyone printed T-shirt!

Tabeyoubi (Japanese)
Tabeyoubi facebook (Japanese)
Tabeyoubi – Amazon.co.jp

inred x Les Olivades

inred x Les Olivades 1

inred x Les Olivades 2

Beautiful Les Olivades textile pattern named “BONIS” became a cooler bag.

inred x Les Olivades 3

inred x Les Olivades 4

InRed magazine attached the bag for freebie.

inred x Les Olivades 5

I can’t wait using this on summer days!

inred (Japanese)
Les Olivades
Les Olivades (Japanese)

Lisa Larson magazine & freebies

giorni lisa 2

giorni lisa 3

I got giorni magazine and Lisa Larson mook (magazine+book, Japanglish).
Both of these had Lisa’s cats’ cute freebies. tiny measure for giorni, and Tote bag for Lisa Larson mook.

Lisa Larson (Japanese)
Lisa Larson Sweden
giorni (Japanese)

Palm bis

Palm bis-01

Palm bis-02

Palm bis-03

Palm bis-04

The independent fashion magazine, Palm bis.
The pretty styles and photos are popular.
It has interviews and event information on the Web, and there is also an online shop where one can buy the clothes that are published in it (although I am not sure if they can ship overseas…).
I recommend it to those who want to always be surrounded by pretty things.

Palm bis

Demel cat pouch

demel cat 1

Demel is a confectionary of Wiener, famous for chocolate and other good sweets.
Their branch shops are beloved in Japan too.
One of their famous sweets – box of cat tongue shaped chocolate is of course good for Valentine’s day gift.

demel cat 3

demel cat 2

The box became a cute pouch! Same as a real box, logo is inside! And more, zipper pull is a shaped as cat tongue chocolate!!
The pouch is a freebie of “Glow” magazine. How could I stop buying mag for this pouch?

Glow (Japanese)

InRed freebie – three star pouch

inRed 02

Three star pouch from Tsumori Chisato attached with InRed magazine.
The print on that is same as Tsumori’s early spring design named “shooting heart”.

inRed 03

Many pockets inside, I can’t believe this is freebie…
Of course it has three stars on zipper pulls.

inRed 01

InRed (Japanese)

SPUR meets JoJo

spur10 1

The beautiful manga cover girl wears Gucci!
SPUR (famous fashion mode magazine in Japan) and Gucci collaborate with Hirohiko Araki, manga artist of “JoJo’s Bizzarre Adventure”.
A separate volume came with the magazine. One of the hero of JoJo Rohan Kishida goes to Factory of Gucci with cover girl.

spur10 2

BTW.. can you see the portrait of Mr. Araki? He’s 51 years old! Can you believe it? “Forever young”! XD

SPUR (Japanese)
Araki Hirohiko Official Web (Japanese)

Free PAUL & JOE SISTER pouch from steady magazine



This is a free PAUL & JOE SISTER pouch which you can get to buy June Issue of steady magazine.



The quilted pouch have plenty of room for personal items.
I love the orange piping around the pouch which looks perfect for summer.



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