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Mashiko Pottery City in Spring




The city of Mashiko in Tochigi Prefecture is famous for its pottery, called Mashiko wares.
Twice a year, in Spring and Fall, the city holds “pottery city.”



Ceramic artists from all over Japan gather there to sell and exhibit all of their creations.


There are also food stalls, giving it a festival-like atmosphere.

It was really fun to walk around, feeling the sun on my face while looking at beautiful pottery.

Mashiko Pottery City in Spring – 益子 春の陶器市 (Japanese)

“Katsuhiro Otomo Genga-ten” (Exhibitions of his original pictures & drawings) part2




There is a room where is only permitted to take pictures, and we’ve found that Kaneda’s red motorbike is displayed.

We had very good time to see his handwriting pictures and drawings which are very very gorgeous.
It would certainly be worth it!

Katsuhiro Otomo Genga-ten
Katsuhiro Otomo – Wikipedia

“Katsuhiro Otomo Genga-ten” (Exhibitions of his original pictures & drawings) part1



My friend and I went to ‘Katsuhiro Otomo Genga-ten’ at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo.
It is held from April 9th, 2012 to May 30th, 2012.
‘Katsuhiro Otomo’, who is a very famous Japanese comic book creator, and also he is known as a film director.
A very popular comic,’Akira’ is his masterpiece all over the world. It is also made into a movie.

Katsuhiro Otomo Genga-ten
Katsuhiro Otomo – Wikipedia

Licca-chan mini exhibition 2

okadaya licca no2_1

Historical Licca-chan dolls are displayed in the window.

okadaya licca no2_2

okadaya licca no2_3

1st model was sold from 1967. 2nd is from 1972.

okadaya licca no2_5

okadaya licca no2_4

After 10 years she became 3rd, and now she is 4th model.

Licca-chan -Takara Tomy (Japanese)
Licca-chan – Wikipedia

antenna shop in Tokyo

Miyazaki anntena shop1

Miyazaki anntena shop3

There are antenna shops from all over Japan in Tokyo. Antenna shops are stores that sell famous local products from different prefectures.
One such shop that I often go to is the Miyazaki Prefecture antenna shop, which is located just outside the south exit of Shinjuku station.

Miyazaki anntena shop2

Miyazaki, which is located in the south of Japan, is a rich fruit-growing region so you can easily pick up some delicious fruit at this shop.
There is also an antenna shop from Hokkaido next to the Miyazaki store.
This is a fantastic spot for enjoying foods from various regions of Japan without having to leave Tokyo.

antenna shop in Tokyo (Japanese)

Licca-chan mini exhibition 1

okadaya licca 1

okadaya licca 2

Licca-chan, Japan’s most famous doll exhibition was held at Shinjuku Okadaya.
The exhibition name is means like “Licca-chan is the best, after all!”
All of the dolls were cute and dressed charming.

okadaya licca 4

okadaya licca 3

Licca-chan -Takara Tomy (Japanese)
Licca-chan – Wikipedia

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2012:

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2012:

Happy New Year to all and may 2012 bring you joy and peace.
Also, may 2012 be a safe year for you and your family.

We truly appreciate your great consideration for us.
And, we are looking forward to your continued support.

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2012:

However, I had ‘Osechi’ that was Japaneses traditional food for New
Year’s with my family on New Year’s Day.

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2012:

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2012:

A lot of kinds of foods that have special meanings associated with good luck are filled in boxes.
The ‘Osechi’ that I got was from Oshima. I ordered it at Matsuya department store.

Oshima (Japanese)
Osechi (Wikipedia)
Matsuya-GINZA (Japanese)

Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition

Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition 1

I visited the Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition, now open at shima-shima-ya Tokyo in Shimokitazawa. Mr.Ohnuma is a ceramic artist from Iwate Prefecture.

Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition 2

Cute dot-patterned or deep green bowls are characteristic of his works. This time a very beautiful jet-black bowl that glimmered with gold here and there in the light was displayed as well.

Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition 3

Each of them were splendid blows and looked user-friendly.

Shimashimaya-Tokyo (Japanese)
Ohnuma Michiyuki (Japanese)


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