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cafe & bar CHARACRO

Finally I could go “cafe & bar CHARACRO”! CHARACRO is a shortened form word of “CHARACTER” and “CROSSING”, it means like fiction characters are crossing over the real world. The place is really unique and quite popular for now. We need to be elected draw lots on their website to go there. Their main motif is anime or tokusatsu, and the theme changes within a definite period of time.

Their first theme of there is my favorite anime Tiger and Bunny.

The cafe interior is looks like “Hero’s Bar” – the bar appears in the anime popped up to real world, and food and drink menu is name after the characters.
Waitress and waiters also acts like they came from the anime world! They call us “Hero TV assistant producers(TV show’s name in Tiger and Bunny)” and gave us employee ID card, we should be a assistant producer of one of anime superheroes in there. It was very funny experience.

I and my friend got 10 coins to vote when we ordered foods and drinks. And we voted to all heroes/dark hero – the inquiry of the week was “Who’s the best superhero to spend Christmas with?”

Merry Christmas!

cafe & bar CHARACRO

Kabuki Gashapon


I found awesome gashapon machines at basement floor of Kabukiza.



The capsule contents small hankies especially designed for Kabuki halls, each of these are nice design. I got “Benkei Joushi“, it’s cool and fun!

Kabuki Handkerchief – Bandai (PDF page)

Kabuki Onmyoji



I was so lucky to have a chance to go to latest drama of Kabuki “Onmyoji”.
The original novel by Baku Yumemakura was a real smash on 80′s and still very popular today.


All the Kabuki actor were young and nice acting, of course the drama was interesting!

Kabuki - wikipedia

47 gift



Where are you come from? Japan has 47 prefectures. You know Tokyo is a huge metropolitan city, countless number of people come and go.
Shibuya Hikarie making a proposal of local and stylish summer gift (it is a custom peculiar to Japan) based on every prefectures specialities.


Hokkaido has a lot of special products, but the box was full of cutest junk foods – polar bear faced instant ramen, squid rice snack, and bottle of beer.


Ymagata is also famous for good fruits but the box was full of cute nostalgic packaged sweets.


I was surprised when I found a box of my hometown Tokyo. It was small rice pack and iron rice pot. I didn’t know someone still growing rice around here.
All of the presentation of the gifts were really interesting.

47 gift – Hikarie
47 gift – D&DEPARTMENT

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum


I went to the “Odaiba Takoyaki Museum” located in the Odaiba`s Decks Tokyo Beach.



The museum is designed after the booths during festival in the 1960 era and they sell takoyaki from a popular takoyaki store in Kansai. There are also stores that sell Takoyaki sweets and character items, and you can feel the festival atmosphere.

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

The Exhibition of Otome no Kanazawa


I went the exhibition of Otome no Kanazawa held at Takashimaya in Futagotamagawa.




The exhibition was so full of cute things and tasty food from Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken that I enjoy it very much.


I bought a lot of souvenir.

Otome no Kanazawa

Ninjutsu manual T-shirts


I got a funny ninjutsu manual T-shirt at Uniqlo UT.


Cute ninja learning ninjutsu (how to be a ninja) on here.




My favorite tenugui (Japanese traditional cotton flat-towel) company Kamawanu designed some T-shirts for UT.
I always love their humorous rebus logo picture puzzle of “kama” (sickle) “wa” (ring) and “nu” (hiragana).

Kamawanu – UT

Black Thunder “GIRI” can


Black Thunder is a famous cheapy yummy chocolate bar with crashed biscuits and cocoa cookies.
Ordinary, you can get it at supermarkets. Children likes it, and grown-ups loves it too.




This reasonable chocolate bar hold unique campaign for Valentine’s Day.
Their copy was “One glance will be enough to make you know this is not from love but duty”.
You know Japanese girls gives chocolate not only for the guy who she loves, but her around for giri (duty) on Valentine’s Day.
Special vending machines appeared in Shinjuku underpass. First you needed to get QR code, then put it on the machine, you’d get special can for free!


Three Black Thunder bars were in it, and the special stickers crack me up… tiny black heart stickers says “GIRI” in big red letters.
Another paper was funny too, it was illustrated how-to use this can.

Black Thunder – Yuraku Seika (Japanese)


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