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La Maison Van Cleef & Arpels

la maison van cleef & arpels 1

la maison van cleef & arpels 2

Summer pop-up cafe produced by Van Cleef & Arpels.

la maison van cleef & arpels 5

la maison van cleef & arpels 4

The cafe filled with their beautiful accessories and dreamy forest motifs.

la maison van cleef & arpels 3

I had a special dessert “Happy Charm Mousse”.
Passion fruit & coconut mousse was decorated with some berries and the brand motif – butterfly, alhambra clover and heart…

La Maison Van Cleef & Arpels official blog (Japanese)
Van Cleef & Arpels

Journal Cafe

journal cafe 2

It means young guys will need something to drink or eat when they tried and buy some clothes around the cafe.

journal cafe 3

journal cafe 1

You can have some sandwiches, unique drinks. Also they serve many kind of brownies. It is fun to choose one.



paul & joe sister cafe

paul & joe sister cafe

 PAUL & JOE SISTER CAFE held ONLY 3 days at Omotesando Montoak.

paul & joe sister cafe

 the special dish was a beautiful dessert set. Their icon… cat on the plate!
Pink champagne cheese cake, chocolate pistachio cake, macaroons, and strawberries…

paul & joe sister cafe

paul & joe sister cafe

paul & joe sister cafe

 So many cute products in the cafe.

paul & joe sister cafe

paul & joe sister cafe

And they collaborate with Otani Issei, his paintings made beautiful atmosphere.

PAUL & JOE SISTER POP-UP CAFE – Look Inc. (Japanese)
OTANI ISSEI (Japanese)
PAUL & JOE mobile phone – Softbank (Japanese)


mme cirque 1

Mme.CIRQUE is imaginary french circus cafe.
Faux big lion & tiger passes through the fire circle. huge elephant looks down us. many white hands act something…

mme cirque 2

mme cirque 3

mme cirque 4

I had omurice lunch under the tiger’s belly.

Mme. CIRQUE (Japanese)
ALCOTT (Japanese)

McDonald’s FOOD STRAPS part2 !!

McDonald’s FOOD STRAPS part2 !!

McDonald’s FOOD STRAPS campaign has started again!(older posts)These are McDonald’s Morning FOOD STRAPS which you can get by free to Super Size your meal to L size at McDonald. There are six kinds of food straps ” Hash Browns,Sausage Egg McMuffin,Bacon Potato Pie, McGriddles Bacon &Egg Cheese, McDonald’s Car and Salad Marinade Muffin.

McDonald’s FOOD STRAPS part2 !!

They looked just like the REAL ONES which is amazing. It’s sometimes hard to order a large size value meal set to get a strap, and reminds me the movie”Super Size Me”.lol

McDonald’s FOOD STRAPS part2 !!

The campaign is still going on. Go straight to McDonald’s if you have a plan to come to Japan at the end of this year.

McDonald’s (Japanese)
McDonald’s (USA)

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna is a famous Swedish restaurant in Roppongi.

Lilla Dalarna

The inside of there is cozy and foods are good :) Of course you can have meat ball with lingonberry, salmon, herring, shrimp, and more.

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna

Lilla Dalarna (japanese)

Happy Holidays!! Noel Illumine”Christmas cake” from HENRI CHARPENTIER

Happy Holidays!!  Noel IllumineA tasty holiday treat. The Christmas cake is here! This is a Noel Illumine”Christmas cake” from HENRI CHARPENTIER. There is a Christmas tree which is decorated with illuminated red and green macaroons in a snow covered field. Two white cake layers covered with a snowy white whipped cream.Happy Holidays!!  Noel IllumineHave a good time with your loved ones over Christmas. Hope to fill your life with plenty of joy and bliss.Henri-Charpentier (japanese)Google Maps

Mikado Coffee

mikado coffee 4

mikado coffee 1

A beautiful colored momiji leaves came into view with coffee scent.

mikado coffee 2

We had cup of coffee and a soft serve dessert.

mikado coffee 3

Pour espresso on soft serve and sweet red bean paste. It was like Italian dolce, Affogato. yum :9

Mikado Coffee shops (Japanese)


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