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Gettysburg Blue Pretty Nylon Tote by Marc By Marc Jacobs

gettysburg blue marc by 1

I’ve been a big fan of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon and this bag is the ideal multi-purpose bag.
Large enough for a weekend and very roomy for everythings I need.

gettysburg blue marc by 2

The side pockets are great for water canteens or just the things you need readily available.

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Peter Rabbit stamp sheets

prabbit stamp 1

I got Peter Rabbit stamp sheets, these are cute enough and easy to use – each stamps are stickers.

peter rabbit stamp 2

peter rabbit stamp 3

This year is 40th anniversary that these picture books translated to Japanese.

Peter Rabbit Stamp Sheet (Japanese)

Unique Cat Cosmetic Pouch from CRAFT HOLIC

craftholic cat pouch 1

craftholic cat pouch 2

These are squashy and unique cat cosmetic Pouches from CRAFT HOLIC.
These pouches could be cosmetic case, ID card holder or camera holder.
They are furry & soft.
Ths adorable cat pouch could be a great gift for a cat lover.

ikuraholic – craftholic designer’s blog (Japanese)

Maruman x Sanrio

maruman sanrio 1

maruman sanrio 2

Maruman is long established and famous artists’ supply maker.
Their small sketch book & croquis book got Sanrio characters’ kawaii cover.

maruman sanrio 3

And the message is so nice… “For Forever Girl Artist !”

Sanrio x Maruman (Japanese)

Hello Kitty ribbon bear from Steiff

steiff hello kitty ribbon bear 1

steiff hello kitty ribbon bear 2

Steiff teddy bear wears Hello Kitty’s ribbon!
The small bear can use as key charm.

Steiff Hello Kitty keyring bear (Japanese)

Tsumineko flake stickers

tsumineko flake stickers 1

This time, Tsumineko became stickers… they came out from iphone again.
5 kind of balloon boxes are in Gachapon.

tsumineko flake stickers 2

Each box has 30 tiny stickers in it.

goods – Tsumineko (Japanese)

Hello Kitty eyeglass case

kitty eyeglass case 1

I always forget where I put my glasses.
So I got the eyeglass case :D

kitty eyeglass case 2

HK’s face became too wide… that’s funny, still she’s cute!

I love Hello Kitty – Sanrio (Japanese)

Hana Tegami (flower letter)

hana tegami 01

The service for mailing flowers, winner of the “2010 Good Design Prize”, awarded only for outstanding design.
You can send a single fresh flower with a message of 100 characters.
No one expects to find flowers in their mailbox, so the recipients of the flowers are always surprised.

hana tegami 02

These flowers are also fresh, and last for 2 weeks.

Hana Tegami


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