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yrstyle 1

yrstyle 2

Yr.style is a unique shop at Ginza and web.
You can make your original package design candies or many goods there.

yrstyle 3

My friend gave me a e-ma candy which was designed with her cute cat’s picture.
I’ll try it with my illustration someday! :)

Yr.style (Japanese)
e-ma candy – uha mikakuto

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

I made these original matryoshka dolls using a kit I bought from Kokeshka in Kamakura.

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls

I colored them with colored pencil and acrylic paint. It was difficult to get the colors I wanted, but fun!

Matryoshka dolls

Kokeshka (japanese)

tassel basket tote

tassel basket tote

I got a backet tote from beauty & youth united arrows.
A lot of 3 colors tassels swings on it.
It makes more fun at picnic day!

beauty & youth united arrows (Japanese)

cat flat shoes from I am I

cat flat

Funny cats says hello from toes.
cat flat shoes from I am I.

cat flat 2

I like their tiny ears sticking out of shoes.

I am I blog (Japanese)

Hair Accessories from Tsumori Chisato

hair acce tsumor 1

I got lovely hair accessories from Tsumori Chisato. I can use these accessories to give accent to my hair.

hair acce tsumor 2

hair acce tsumor 3

The cat ponytail holder is adorable that adds playfulness to my look!

Tsumori Chisato

A fantastic mini bag from mina perhonen

mina 1

This is a lovely mini bag from mina perhonen. The textile is named “celebrate”.

mina 2

I love this beautiful fabric embroidery. I just enjoy seeing the bag is displayed in my room so far.

mina perhonen

Peco-chan mini mini museum

peco-chan mini 1

peco-chan mini 2

Tiny bobbing head Peco-chan historical dolls and 2 yummy heart shaped chocolates in the box.
We can’t choose the one, I got crown Peco-chan from 1950s and “fuji-musume” (a kabuki program) Peco-chan from 2010 model.
Can you see difference of their faces?

Fujiya family town (Japanese)
Peco-chan mini mini museum – Fujiya (Japanese)

Tsumi-neko 2

tsumineko2 2

Pile the cute cats again! :P
Tsumineko jumped out from iPod, and the gashapon figures were smash hit… sold out soon.

tsumineko2 1

Now they have different colors, version 2.

Tsumi-neko (Japanese)


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