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Hana Tegami (flower letter)

hana tegami 01

The service for mailing flowers, winner of the “2010 Good Design Prize”, awarded only for outstanding design.
You can send a single fresh flower with a message of 100 characters.
No one expects to find flowers in their mailbox, so the recipients of the flowers are always surprised.

hana tegami 02

These flowers are also fresh, and last for 2 weeks.

Hana Tegami

lounging leggings – une nana cool

lounging leggings - une nana cool

Lounging leggings from une nana cool. I’ll wear this with skirts or shorts.

lounging leggings - une nana cool

It makes me feel easy and cozy :)

une nana cool (Japanese)

Adorable Knit hat from Tsumori Chisato

takakos closet

Adorable Knit hat from Tsumori Chisato

There are many squirrels all around the hat with an embroidered squirrel motif. Very soft & warm! I love this beanie hat with a pom-pom on the top.

Adorable Knit hat from Tsumori Chisato

It’s not too childish. It’s stylish!!

Tsumori Chisato
Google Maps

Kimi no initial from Q-pot.

kimi - Q-pot.

Yay This is a gift from my friend! :D

kimi - Q-pot.

“kimi” has double meanings… “you” and “the yolk of an egg”. golden colored metal yolk can wear Q-pot. hats, crowns, or ribbons…

kimi - Q-pot.

Fun & funny!


VENLA leggings

venla leggings

Now I’m crazy about VENLA leggings :P

venla leggings

venla leggings

My skin is too weak for wool leggings or tights, I was so excited when I found these are made of 85% cotton… Maybe because these came from Finland, these are really warm!

VENLA (rakuten)

Design goods Showcase


Stationery, home decor, fashion, etc. This book features many cute items, just looking at them is enchanting.


Ceramic flower vase


Embroidered brooch


Skirt with a cute hand drawn pattern

Design goods Showcase (Amazon.jp)
BNN (japanese)

Tabio socks

tabio socks

I got some Tabio socks! Tabi socks (middle one) are as you see… bunny!
2011 is year of the rabbit :)

tabio JP
tabio UK
(zodiac) – Wikipedia

what’s in my bag?

what's in my bag

What’s in my bag recently? I can’t go out without ear covers :P (middle, black faux fur things) my cell phone is really old… I’m browsing web by iPod nowadays so it’s ok.
You know I can’t live without Tsumori Chisato and Hello Kitty XD

What’s in my bag – my history! ;P


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