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Raccoon printed cotton towel from Paul & Joe SISTER 2

This is a raccoon printed cotton towel which is soft and smooth from Paul & joe sister.
Lovely raccoon. Differnt and special. Towel feels soft and absorbs water.

Paul & Joe SISTER

Raccoon printed cotton towel from Paul & Joe SISTER 1

These are adorable raccoon printed cotton towels from Paul & joe sister.
Very cute towels! My sis bought me these towels as gift. I love them!

Paul & Joe SISTER

A hair clip from Marc by Marc Jacobs

I got a pretty hair clip from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I love the charming his classic Marc logo with rhinestones.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Utagawa Kuniyoshi cat motif items from Ukiyo-e 2014 Exhibition

I rushed into Edo-Tokyo Museum. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to look around the exhibition, but I wished to get some special limited-selling cat motif items which design-based by Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Ukiyo-e.

I got many things (far beyond I expected) at a time – plastic folders, washi-tape, hanky, metal charm, Japanese maki-e stickers, and message pad.

My wallet became empty but I was satisfied I could get all the things I love!

Ukiyo-e 2014 Exhibition
Edo-Tokyo Museum
Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Kuroneko Yamato Toy Cars

YAMATO TRANSPORT is familiar to us as the nickname of “Kuroneko Yamato”. Kuro-neko means black cat in Japanese… from their black mom cat and kitty trademark.
I’m a member of their web service in Japan, and they give me some point when I send/get baggages through using Yamato’s service. Last month I got enough points to get their gift, toy cars.
For me, it’s like finding lucky charm when I came across “Kuroneko emblem” walk-in van or fridge truck on the street.

These toy cars are amazingly look-alike to the originals, and more, the doors can be open and wheels are movable. I think I can’t throw away these boxes either.


A hair accessory from Cat’s Tsumori Chisato

I got a very cute cat hair accessory from Cat’s Tsumori Chisato.
I love the motif of the black cat and a gold ribbon.

Cat’s Tsumori Chest
Cat’s Tsumori Chisato collection

Journey Cat! orange-mix

I got another color of Journey Cat! digital watch.
Orange-mix color is also from boutique limited selling series.
It’s fun to change wrist watch as a bangle, coordinate with my outfit-of-the-day.

Journey Cat! – tsumori chisato watch

clapperboard pouch from Maison de FLEUR

I got a clapperboard motif pouch.
It’s small but have a pocket-tissue holder outside and clapstick look-alike handle.
Every time I pull this pouch out, I secretly enjoy imagine shouting “Action!”

Maison de FLEUR


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