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Pudding Dorayaki

Pudding Dorayaki

Dorayaki is a type of Japanese confection which consists of two small pancake-like patties made
from kasutera usually wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste, but the Pudding Dorayaki
wrapped around a slice of pudding.

Pudding Dorayaki

This is good for afternoon snack.

Pudding Dorayaki

TENRYU “chinese restaurant” in Ginza


Jumbo Gyoza is a popular menu of this restaurant. Gyoza is a Japanese version of the dumpling. They very jucy that to go with the beer.


Hana no kobuta “floral piggy”

Hana no kobuta

Hana no kobuta means “floral piggy” is one of the Japanese-style confections form kamakuragoro.

They havd two flavors “Japanese cherry bean jam and green powdered tea bean jam”. They are not only cute but also tasty, good for a souvenir too.

Hana no kobuta

Hana no kobuta

SEIYOU-KEN “Forestier” western style restaurant


This restaurant is located in Tokyo Bunka Kaikan where music concerts are held.
You can enjoy meal before and after the performance.

They are the crabe croquettes and the hamburger steak. Yummmmmy.


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Everybody’s favorite Chocolate Cake : Top’s Chocolate Cake

Everybody's favorite Chocolate Cake : Top's

This is a Chocolate Cake by Top’s. Everybody loves Top’s chocolate cakes in Japan.

Everybody's favorite Chocolate Cake : Top's

Top’s chocolate cake consists of three layers of sponge cake and milled cocoa cream.


Hanami bento

Hanami bento

Hanami “flower viewing” is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, “flower” in this case almost always meaning cherry blossoms (sakura).

by strange_skies

The hanami celebrations usually involve eating and drinking. Some special dishes are prepared and eaten at the occasion, like hanami bento, and it’s common for sake to be drunk as part of the festivity.

Hanami bento

They are hamami bento by NADAMAN which is a long-standing restaurant.

Japanese Restaurant NADAMAN

cheese usagi(rabbit)

cheese usagi(rabbit) 1

This is a Roll cake form “Cheese Usagi(rabbit)” series.

The flesh of strawberry sauce and cheese cream flavor is the limited time offer. The sweet and sour flavor is so good.

cheese usagi(rabbit) 2


Lipton tea freebies! : Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton

Few days ago, my friend e-mailed to me ;).
She shares about Lipton tea pet bottle freebies to me!

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton 1

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton. one cute charm is attach to a bottle. 8 kinds of faux sweets (macarons, icecream cake or chocolate) are made for this campaign.

We don’t know why they collaborate! but these are so cute!!

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton 2


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