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CHILES Mexican Grill


Burritos are getting popular nowadays in Tokyo, but almost Japanese is more familiar with Tacos, and there’s not so many Mexican restaurants here. Mexican Grill CHILES is on a narrow byway from the crowded Harajuku Takeshita street.



It’s like a small hiding place, and the burritos are tasty. (I chose chicken, I’m sorry my “bite” photo was too messy to show you!)

CHILES Mexican Grill

Soba Yusui


I walked around Jindai-temple. Around the temple is famous for soba restaurants.
There’s over 20 small soba speciality restaurants, tourists are looking forward to come there to enjoy soba, at the same time to visit temple.


Yusui (湧水) is one of them, the name of restaurant means like spring water, so that reminds us soba plate made from clear tasty water.
Their soba plate was good, and someday I would like to try other restaurants around there too!

Jindaiji soba
Jindaiji (Jindai temple)

digiq Shibuya BBQ terrace




Now we can enjoy BBQ in the middle of Shibuya!
The top roof of Tokyu Department Flagship Store changes to BBQ place.


You can bring as-you-like food and drink, there’s already charcoal is burning.
And you don’t need to bring paper cups, dish, chopsticks, knife, foils… all the things are ready at there.




We don’t eat much meat ordinary, but it’s BBQ! We brought Kobe beef, pork chunk, salmon, bacon, Camembert cheese and onigiri with some vegetables. Outdoor eating is always so fun!

digiq Shibuya BBQ terrace (from 4/12 to 5/25)- Tokyu Department Store

Seafood Teppanyaki “RICOLO”


My friend and I had a dinner at seafood teppanyaki restaurant, “Ricolo” in Tokyo Daimaru department store.



We sat in front of the teppan (grill plates), and we enjoyed watching our foods were cooked on the grill plates at the kitchen.



And, we had some grilled fresh vegetables, pork and tuna fish.
Everything was great; however, I love the garlic fried rice.

Seafood Teppanyaki “RICOLO” - Daimaru Tokyo

Oden Ginza Yasuko

My friend and I went to Ginza Yasuko for dinner.

Ginza Yasyuko is an Oden restaurant. The very hot dish made us happy on cold days.
We enjoyed a variety of Oden ingredients that everything was very good.

Oden Ginza Yasuko
Oden – Wikipedia

Bean snack from Fève

My friend gave me a cute snack gift set from Fève.
Fève is a bean snack brand by famous patissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi.
All the flavors are unique, a mixture of western and Japanese cuisine.

Both of salty truffle flavored macadamia nuts with dried ground cherries and pescatore (seafood tomato) flavored horsebean with okura were very good.


Fried shrimps with curried rice and cream curry at Ginza Furukawa

My friend and I had fantastic fried shrimps with curried rice and cream curry at Ginza Furukawa. It was very impressive presentation on a dish.

The crispy fried shrimps were very good, and the cream curry had very rich taste.
We enjoyed our dinner with the good foods.

Ginza Furukawa

Otaru Masazushi Ginza

My friend and I had a dinner at Otaru Masazushi in Ginza.
The Sushi restaurant provides us freshly-caught fishes at Otaru in Hokkaido.
We had some Sashimi for appetizers, and then we had wonderful Sushi.

We had really good time with their kind hospitalities and the good foods.

Otaru Masazushi Ginza


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