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Star Wars 3D x Domino Pizza

starwars x domino pizza 1

starwars x domino pizza 2

Domino Pizza collaborated with Star Wars Episode 1 3D movie, adding 450yen, all of their Msize pizza came with R2-D2 special box and a poster.
The box is like a R2-D2′s bust. And its functional explanation is printed on back of the box.

Star Wars 3D x Domino Pizza (Japanese)

Tokyo Dominica

tokyo dominica 1

Soup curry is origined from Sapporo Hokkaido, and now some specialty shops in Tokyo.
I went to Tokyo Dominica. They serves 5 colors of soup curry.
Basic yellow, tomato red, thick black, soy milk based white, and nostalgic dark yellow.

tokyo dominica 2

tokyo dominica 3

We chose white and black. Both of these were good!

tokyo dominica 4

Tokyo Dominica – Tabelog (Japanese)


aichiya 1

aichiya 3

Aichiya is the traditional way of Japanese restaurant.
Take your shoes off, some kimono waitress bring food.

aichiya 4

aichiya 5

aichiya 6

Dishes were very beautiful and tasty. There was full of spring.
But some waitress were not so good…

aichiya 7

Aichiya (Japanese)

Corn soup drink

Corn soup drink1

From the Japanese beverage maker KIRIN, a corn soup in a charming package has gone on sale.
The design company DRAFT is said to have produced this package.

Corn soup drink2

Corn soup drink3

Corn soup drink4

世界のキッチン – world kitchen KIRIN
ぽかぽかしみこむコーンポタージュ – Corn potage soup

antenna shop in Tokyo

Miyazaki anntena shop1

Miyazaki anntena shop3

There are antenna shops from all over Japan in Tokyo. Antenna shops are stores that sell famous local products from different prefectures.
One such shop that I often go to is the Miyazaki Prefecture antenna shop, which is located just outside the south exit of Shinjuku station.

Miyazaki anntena shop2

Miyazaki, which is located in the south of Japan, is a rich fruit-growing region so you can easily pick up some delicious fruit at this shop.
There is also an antenna shop from Hokkaido next to the Miyazaki store.
This is a fantastic spot for enjoying foods from various regions of Japan without having to leave Tokyo.

antenna shop in Tokyo (Japanese)

Kumamon Cookies


Yesterday, I went on a trip to Kyushu.
There I discovered a very cute cookie.


It was a cookie based on Kumamoto’s mascot character, ‘Kumamon ‘.


There are both butter and chocolate cookies which have the shape of Kumamon .
They were very cute and I felt sorry for eating them.

Kumamon (official home page)
Yuru chara


hibicha 1

hibicha 2

HIBICHA is a kanpo based blend tea for women’s beauty.
The tea contains rose, persimmon leaves, lotus leaves, Chinese matrimony vine, lavender, jusmin, and rooibos.

hibicha 3

The fragrant tea made me relax.


Kamakura farmer’s market

kamakura market 1

kamakura market 2

My friend bring me to a old building, there’s some stalls in there.

kamakura market 3

That was Kamakura farmer’s market. The market is not so big, but you can see many kind of vegetables at there.

kamakura market 4

I got a bowl of “kamakura mix salad set”. these fresh herbs & vegetables were treat of my body & spirit!
I want to go back there, very soon!!

Kamakura farmer’s market


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