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PONTA snacks from Lawson



The cute tanuki (raccoon) mascot who named PONTA is a character of convenience store “Lawson”.
Lawson is teaming up with Mitsubishi Corporation, Showa Shell and Geo to produce the PONTA point card, launching from Spring 2010.
I got some PONTA snacks from Lawson. I love the pictures and it’s really fun to eat them with my friends.

Lawson (Japanese)
PONTA (Japanese)

Sakura Craypas sake-cup



I found a colorful cute sake-cups in near grocery, these are collaborate with Sakura Craypas.
Craypas reminds us our childhood… drawing pictures with these crayon-like smooth pastels in elementary school.


It’s some kind of funny these cute cups are for grown-ups. However these are good for small gift for all forever-child.

Sakura Craypas sake-cup (Japanese)
Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil Pastel

jagarico yuzukoshō



jagarico, stick potato snack is good for beer or other alcohols.
Maybe because of this, sometimes jagarico season-limited flavor for grown-ups were store out and makes us enjoy trying.
Latest season-limited flavor is yuzukoshō. Yuzu citrus and chili pepper flavor is not very strong on this snack, however it is good.


As always, its bar-code is funny! Squeeze yuzu for the snack!

yuzukoshō - Wikipedia

early spring veggie-fruit mix juice


Yasai Seikatsu series are one of the most famous vegetable juice, you can easily get these at convenience stores or supermarkets.
Their early spring limited flavors are Dekopon-Mix (citrus from Kumamoto Prefecture) and Tochiotome-Mix (strawberry from Tochigi Prefecture), both of these are good.


You’ll find Kumamon is talking to us like “Dekopon from Kumamoto Prefecture is yummy!” on the side of Dekopon-Mix juice package.

Yasai Seikatsu – Kagome (Japanese)

Beans for Setsubun


My friend gave me a couple of beans packs for ‘Setsubun’ with 2 kinds of small masks such as Oni (a devil) and Otafuku (women’s face).


‘Setsubun’ is the day before the beginning of Spring in Japan.
It is usually February 3rd. Bean throwing, called ‘mamemaki’, is done at home on the day of ‘Setsubun’.


One bean is ‘sukeroku-mame(beans)’ that is salty taste.
Some dried laver seaweeds are put around the beans.


Other bean is ‘goshiki(5 kinds of colors)-mame(beans)’that is sweet taste.
The beans are beautifully covered by colored sugars.

I am not going to throw them, but I am going to eat all of them.

goshiki mame (5 colored sugar beans) – Wikipedia (Japanese)
Setsubun – Wikipedia

800 for eats


I bought some 800 for eats rice.
This brand repackages and sells food products according to the area in which they were produced.



You can enjoy different tastes from each region. I think that this is an interesting idea.

800 for eats (japanese)

flavored soymilk


I always get some flavored soymilk at supermarkets, sometimes these flavors are changing.
I’ll try mango and matcha this time. Marusanai’s tea flavor is my best one, always.


I’ll buy kinako (roast soy with brown sugar syrup) and kurogoma (black sesame) next time.

soymilk - Marusanai (Japanese)
soymilk – Kibun (Japanese)
soymilk - Otsuka chilled (Japanese)

Tiger & Bunny collaborate with Domino’s Pizza


I don’t watch animes ordinary, but now I’m into Tiger & Bunny.
If you are anime fan, my explanation will be boring.
Kotetsu (his name’s kanji “ko (虎)” means tiger) aka Wild Tiger is veteran (old style) superhero in Sternbild City.
Sometimes he does too much to save people and keep justice, so his company (yes, superheroes are employee and their activities are always broadcasting) and sponsors get angry.
Then he need to become a “buddy” of cheeky handsome rookie Barnaby Brooks Jr.(Kotetsu calls him bunny from his name Barnaby)…


Anyway, these superheroes has sponsors of our real world. One of them “Fire Emblem” is sponsored by Domino’s Pizza in the latest movie.


Because of that, you can get Tiger & Bunny pizza box with 2 kinds of original short drama CD or a special mug.


Fire Emblem speaks as a drag queen, the message from him/her is on the box – “The box is  hot like my fire, please be careful ♥”

Tiger & Bunny Special Set – Domino’s Pizza (Japanese)
Tiger & Bunny – Wikipedia
Tiger & Bunny The Beginning Movie (Japanese)


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