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Yokohama 1


My friend and I went on an overnight trip to Yokohama, and we went to
Yokohama China Town to have a lunch together before we check in at a





We went to a Chinese restaurant, Shatenki where was very famous for its

porridge in Chinese style.
It was very cold outside, but the good foods made us very happy, also we
had hot and tasty foods to keep warm at the restaurant.

Shatenki 謝甜記 貮号店 - Tabelog

Ichiran Ramen

I went to Ichiran for the first time after maybe 10 or more years.
Their unique “concentrate on the flavor” (it means like “focus only for your ramen”) system is still keeping popularity.
Waited for a lines of hungry guys for a while, then we could get vacant separate small booths.

Boiled egg came first from small front window. Then ramen came, the waitress (we can see her apron and ID card from there!) said “Please take your time for good ramen!” and closed small window by bamboo blind. It’s always funny experience to have ramen “alone” even if I go to there with someone.

Ichiran (English Guide)

Dashi-chazuke EN

Dashi-chazuke EN is the franchise of specialty stores of serving original good dashi (Japanese soup stock) chazuke. Ordinary, chazuke (茶漬け) means as its name, pouring tea over cooked rice. Their plates are using dashi instead of tea. Sometimes you can have this style chazuke at the Japanese cuisine restaurants or izakaya. However it’s not as this healthy “fast food” specialty stores.
At first I bought a meal ticket of “Japanese scallop chazuke” got a seat, hand over the ticket to waiter, and soon he brought me a plate. It’s always nice to drop in here when I don’t have enough time to have a slowly good lunch.

Dashi-chazuke EN


Maybe it sounds little funny in English the noodle was named “youyoumen”, but chinese character “養 (you or yoh)” makes us imagine nutritious, foster, good wealth etc.
yo-ko shared me this healthy and non-chemical instant noodle. I could have a good mushroom noodle lunch… Just only pour some hot water to the ingredients of the pack of youyou-men and wait 3 minutes.

youyoumen – unzen kinoko honpo

big mashroom burger from Freshness Burger



Finally I could try portobello mashroom burger at Freshness Burger.
Mashroom, vege-mayo and balsamic sauce scents nicely, it’s lighter taste than meat ones.
In Japan, you can have “near vegitarian” foods anywhere, but slightly difficult to find “vegitarian” foods at casual eat-in shops.
I hope Freshness Burger will make this burger again.

Freshness Burger (now this limited menu was finished)
vegetable burger (mashroom) – itmedia
vegetable burger (mashroom) report – GIGAZINE

Kumamoto Free Black – Kumamon black beer


Kumamon (mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture) became a non-alchoholic beer can.


It taste bitter and have scent of malt. But difficult to make beer head foam.
Good to enjoy meals with this, more than that the can is so cute!

Kumamoto Free Black
Kumamon official site
Kumamon – wikipedia

Jagarico lemon pepper



Summer Otona(means grown-ups) Jagarico is lemon and pepper.



Scents of lemon and spicy pepper are good for beer. That’s the reason “for grown-up”!

Jagarico – calbee

47 gift



Where are you come from? Japan has 47 prefectures. You know Tokyo is a huge metropolitan city, countless number of people come and go.
Shibuya Hikarie making a proposal of local and stylish summer gift (it is a custom peculiar to Japan) based on every prefectures specialities.


Hokkaido has a lot of special products, but the box was full of cutest junk foods – polar bear faced instant ramen, squid rice snack, and bottle of beer.


Ymagata is also famous for good fruits but the box was full of cute nostalgic packaged sweets.


I was surprised when I found a box of my hometown Tokyo. It was small rice pack and iron rice pot. I didn’t know someone still growing rice around here.
All of the presentation of the gifts were really interesting.

47 gift – Hikarie
47 gift – D&DEPARTMENT


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