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8tote visited merilab Sendai

8tote in merilab 1

8tote in merilab 3

8tote went to merilab in Sendai to sell totebags and show “encourage tote” – messages from Gifu (where we held the traveling shop on March) customers on the white bag!
Sendai is one of the biggest city at north Japan. The city were damaged by the earthquake.
It was a good time with Sendai customers! We were really happy to see their smiles :)

8tote in merilab 2

8tote in merilab 4

mitsubachi tote (8tote) (Japanese)
meguru mitsubachi (Japanese)
merilab (Japanese)


paul & joe sister cafe

paul & joe sister cafe

 PAUL & JOE SISTER CAFE held ONLY 3 days at Omotesando Montoak.

paul & joe sister cafe

 the special dish was a beautiful dessert set. Their icon… cat on the plate!
Pink champagne cheese cake, chocolate pistachio cake, macaroons, and strawberries…

paul & joe sister cafe

paul & joe sister cafe

paul & joe sister cafe

 So many cute products in the cafe.

paul & joe sister cafe

paul & joe sister cafe

And they collaborate with Otani Issei, his paintings made beautiful atmosphere.

PAUL & JOE SISTER POP-UP CAFE – Look Inc. (Japanese)
OTANI ISSEI (Japanese)
PAUL & JOE mobile phone – Softbank (Japanese)

Vocaloid Cafe

vocaloid cafe 3

Vocaloid Cafe was held at Roppongi Hills.
It was weekend short term cafe.
Some of “real” girls got Vocaloid Cos-Play, but the cafe banned taking pictures. :(

vocaloid cafe 2

vocaloid cafe 4

 My friend got CD and cute Toeto cellphone charm.
I got a Hello Kitty Kimono Girl’s file… yes, she’s not Vocaloid, but very kawaii anime look! :P


Character Vocaloid Series – Cpypton (Japanese)
Vocaloid – Wikipedia
With Kitty Project (Japanese)

Tokyo snow

tokyo snowing 1

It’s not often snowing at Tokyo.
The day was Valentine’s day…

tokyo snowing 2

I made tiny snow cats & rabbit.
Sometimes Tokyo snow signals the end of winter.

snowing in Shibuya – Shibuya keizai shinbun (Japanese)

Farmar’s Market at UNU

Farmar's Market at UNU

I went to the weekend only farmers’ market in front of UNU in Aoyama, Tokyo.

Farmar's Market at UNU

There were lots of stalls with fresh vegetables and fruit, along with other goods such as jam, tea, cookies, muffins and sweets, it was great fun!

Farmar's Market at UNU

Farmar's Market at UNU

I bought sweet potatoes from Kagoshima and cupcakes from Bella’s Cupcakes.

Farmar’s Market at UNU (japanese)
Bella’s Cupcakes (japanese)

Japanese sweets from Takanoya Sadahiro


A Happy New Year!!We wish a happy New Year to all of you, our great blog readers!!These Japanese sweets are inspired by the scene of kyoto’s four seasons. The design of the sweets are varied with the seasons,they are supposed to delight the eye as much as the palate.

It’s great to buy them as gifts for special occasions.

Takanoya Sadahiro (Japanese site)

Romis meets 8tote


From December 10th until 24th an event called “Romis meets 8tote” is being held at Taipei’s Specialty Store Romis. We arrived in Taipei on the 9th and completed our preparations while meeting with Romis’ staff.



An opening party was held starting on the evening of the 10th at Tote Cafe, which is another location that is managed by Romis. We had an amazing time together with Taiwan fans!



On the 12th, 8tote bags were moved into the Romis store. The event will continue until the 24th.

To all Romis staff in Taiwan and Romis fans: we really had a lot of fun!

We would like to go to various other countries and cities from now on. If there is a store where you would like to see an 8tote sales event, please let us know! We hope that next time, we can meet in your country and in your neighborhood!

Romis web
Romis Facebook
8tote.com Facebook


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