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The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2011

the tokyo art book fair 1

the tokyo art book fair 2

the tokyo art book fair 3

The Tokyo Art Book Fair is the largest art book fair in asia.
So many art book publishers (includes self-publisher & e-book) gathered for this!

the tokyo art book fair 5

the tokyo art book fair 4

Hubby & I got some zines and pinback buttons.
These are fantastic :) (please check their website I linked below!)
We really enjoyed the fair!!

Zine’s Mate
otonoasobiba (rhythmushi artist’s website) (Japanese)
Hello Sandwich

House of Kitty 2

house of kitty 2_1

The big bling bling Kitty statue is in the middle of a white room…

house of kitty 2_2

house of kitty 2_3

There’s a lot of miniature rooms on the wall.
Swarovski accessories were decorated like relaxing in cute rooms.
These were stunning!

Swarovski – Hello Kitty (Japanese)
youtube – SWAROVSKI presents “House of Hello Kitty”

House of Kitty 1

house of kitty 1_4

Huge pink crystal Hello Kitty chandelier appeared in Omotesando Hills.
The girl’s club-like space was produced by Swarovski.

house of kitty 1_2

house of kitty 1_5

house of kitty 1_3

Swarovski and Hello Kitty collaborated and there’s so many cute KT accessories and goods.

house of kitty 1_1

You could be Kitty-chan there… There’s human sized her ribbon, and the masked guys escorted you to took pictures with that.

Swarovski – Hello Kitty (Japanese)
youtube – SWAROVSKI presents “House of Hello Kitty”

Blythe 10 Happy Memories

blythe 2

blythe 1

blythe 3

blythe 4

Blythe’s happy 10th anniversary in Japan.
Blythe was born in the US 1972, and repro goes really famous in Japan, from 2001.
It’s very interesting these dolls always “remake” by Blythe Artist, and they are getting more kawaii!

Parco – Blythe 10 Happy Memories (Japanese)
Blythe doll – Blythe 10 Happy Memories (Japanese)



German online store “koshka” sells clothes and other products made by Japanese designers.
There is also a lot of clothing designed by one of our favorites, Tsumori Chisato.
Their website has also made available a 10% off coupon code (LOVE8TOKYO) for 8tokyo.com readers.
It only lasts until next month, so don’t hesitiate!


Etsy Craft Party 2011


Etsy.com will hold its Worldwide Meetup, the”Etsy Craft Party 2011″ on June 11th (Japan time. US time – 10th.), and it’s coming to Tokyo too.



Our staff i☆ will hold workshops on the day.
We will provide the materials and tools.


Please come and participate.

Etsy Craft Party 2011 – meet up everywhere
Craft Party Tokyo

Ribbonesia workshop!



Because I’m a big fan of Ribbonesia art project, it was awesome that I could join his workshop to make a bird (kotori) at SHINDO showroom!
At first, we chose kotori’s colors… for head + body and its bill.
Bent beautifully, stapled some places… to make cute kotori.


I created it from blue & wine ribbons. I love it!



Etsy Tokyo Meet-Up

Etsy Meet-Up 1

Etsy Meet-Up 3

I joined Etsy Tokyo Meet-Up!
Ms. Liz from the International team at Etsy came to Japan. And she made a presentation about what they plans for Japanese Etsians in the future.

Etsy Meet-Up 2

Etsy Meet-Up 4

That was a first time I could met sellers in Japan! It was exciting. All of their products were fantastic.

Etsy Meet-Up 5

I brought my lucky cat brooches… put these in tin can to show what I sell at Etsy.



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