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Lipton collaborate with Del Rey

Lipton collaborate with Del Rey

Lipton’s promised freebie campaign was started.

Lipton collaborate with Del Rey

This time, we can get some beautiful fake chocolate – they collaborate with Del Rey, Belgian chocolate shop. Del Rey was founded in Antwerp, the place is famous for diamond.

Lipton Sweets Collection
Suntory news release
Del Rey (Japan)

Buddy Tote Bag from Ne-net

Buddy Tote Bag  from Ne-net

I got a Buddy Tote Bag printed with the pictures of the characters “Mr stripe”, “Mr checkerwise” and “Mr star” from Ne-net.

Buddy Tote Bag  from Ne-net

They are very humorous and express a warm heart and I will have fun to carry it.

A-net Ne-net (japanese)
HUMOR Ne-net (japanese)

Trick Ghost! (“Trick Ghost eats Lollipop candy Necklace” from Q-pot.)

trick ghost

I adopted “Trick Ghost eats Lollipop candy Necklace” from Q-pot.

trick ghost

Can you see he/she ate a lollie with stick? (it doesn’t know how to eat, maybe!)
The ghost can wear some cute things… silk hat, ribbons, flowers and more!

Halloween Ghost 2009 – Q-pot.
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Hotel Claska


Hotel Claska is known well as designer’s hotel in Tokyo. The concept of Claska is to stay as living. You can enjoy Japanese modern living style to stay there.



There are art space and souvenir shop in it.

Google Maps

The book of koginzashi (by Fugeiten)


Our leader and bag designer, Yoko Tsukamatsu published new book of koginzashi. Koginzashi is a traditional and exquisite embroidery works from Northern part of Japan.



This book was written by Yoko and culinary artist Ricca Fukuda. They team up the unit named “Fugeiten“.

Fugeiten re-appreciated Mingei movement(the Japanese folk art movement in the late 1920s and 1930s in Japan). And now they re-produce koginzashi with modern attitude.


They suggest how to stitch koginzashi on bags, jeans and scarfs on this book. Now available on Amazon.co.jp

Amazon.co.jp: koginzashi no hon

CHOCO LABO KitKat (original package design service)


CHOCO LABO kitkat is service that an original kitkat package can be made.




All these designs are done on the web. It costs 2,100 yen in single unit including 10 pieces.



I tried to make 8tokyo.com’s kitkat!!

CHOCO LABO kitkat (Japanese site only)

Stitch by Stitch Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum)

Stitch by Stitch Exhibition

I went to the Stitch by Stitch Exhibition that was held in Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum. Thoese embroidery works were wonderful.

Stitch by Stitch Exhibition

I bought the set of the bag and the embroidery string by the museum shop.

Stitch by Stitch Exhibition

Stitch by Stitch Exhibition
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
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EDWIN x Hello Kitty pouch  

EDWIN x Hello Kitty

EDWIN the brand famous for jeans in Japan (and… famous for Brad Pitt TV CM!),collaborated with Hello Kitty.

EDWIN x Hello Kitty

The goods were made from denim fabric, rivet and the tag as real EDWIN jeans!

EDWIN x Hello Kitty(japanese)
Brad Pitt – EDWIN 503 Commercial 30Sec. – You Tube


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