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Craft++ workshop

craftpp 1

craftpp 2

Craft++ is a group of crafters, are enjoy holding their workshop and exhibition.
I went & joined their 1st workshop to make “tele neco”!
“tele neco” is a cute cat brooch, easy to sew and then put the electric parts in… look, tele (tereru = shy) neco (neko = cat) is blushing its cheeks by LED!!

craftpp 3

craftpp 4

Another workshop was making heart-beating doll. Both of workshop were unique and fun.

Craft++ (Japanese)

Etsy Friends at Make: Tokyo Meeting 07




We joined MTM02 to 04 as 8tote (Mitsubachi-tote in Japan), and this time, I as “necocoa” joined MTM07 as a member of Etsy Friends.



It was so special that Etsy sellers and customers – craft or tech lovers – could share creative hours on the weekend.


Make: Tokyo Meeting (Maker Faire) – Make: Japan
#mtm07 – Togetter

Etsy Friends Shops
Sake Puppets
from my atelier
The House of Lau
Flat Packables
Tokyo Craft Studios

mishin cafe

mishin cafe 1

“Mishin” means sewing machine.
I don’t have sewing machine, but wish to make something by that! ;)
So I went to mishin cafe to borrow it. The shop owner teach me how to use, and then I made it.
Using sewing machine is 500yen for one hour.

mishin cafe 2

mishin cafe 3

Of course you don’t need using it… you can just enjoy a cup of drink in there.

mishin cafe & lounge nico – blog

Momiji Ichi 2011

momiji ichi

momiji ichi4

momiji ichi2

I went to go to “Momiji Ichi” that was also held last year.
Along the Tama river there was a lively market held with various things like pottery, clothing, food, music, photography, illustrators, essayist, and a cafe.

momiji ichi8

In a normal year a lot of people go there, but since this year the first day was canceled because of rain, a lot more people than last year showed up and it was really crowded.

momiji ichi9

momiji ichi7

1 (3)

I was entranced by the live music under a blue sky,
and at the cafe I ate some delicious snacks, buying a cute hand made zakka,
so it was a really fun day.

Momiji Ichi もみじ市
Momiji Ichi 2010 – 8tokyo article

kotenkoten ten

kotenkotenten 1

kotenkotenten 2

I went to Nagano to see “kotenkoten ten” (last ten means exibition in kanji), exibition of Nakagawa Takeji of take-g.
He makes amazing wooden mosaic and inlaid dolls.

kotenkotenten 3

kotenkotenten 4

kotenkotenten 5

The dolls are funny and cute. Almost of their name comes from Edo era worker, gods, or animals.
Woods rise above eras, these dolls will be same when we treat them good.

take-g toys

Halloween Ghost Cat Charm


I made ghost cat charm for Halloween.
Its tummy sparkles with Aniomaic Sparkle & Sequins.

This time I blogged how to make it on “Lazy Craft”.
Please check it if you have interest!

Lazy Craft

KAKIMORI’s semi-custom made notebook

KAKIMOR's semi-custom made notebook

I got a nice present from my friend the other day.

KAKIMOR's semi-custom made notebook3

It is the world’s only semi-custom made notebook that a stationery shop named KAKIMORI created, which is located near Kuramae Station on the subway line. At KAKIMORI, you can make an original notebook to order by selecting a cover sheet, inside paper and the size.

KAKIMOR's semi-custom made notebook2

The cover page is blue, which is my favorite color.

KAKIMOR's semi-custom made notebook4

It’s too nice to use, but it is exciting to think how I will use it.

KAKIMORI (Japanese)

mel x cookieboy okashi na kuni

cookieboy x mel 1

cookieboy x mel 2

“okashi na kuni” means both of “sweets wonderland” or “funny wonderland”…

cookieboy x mel 4

cookieboy x mel 3

So many colorful (a little poisoned-looks) sweet dolls and sugar cookies are there!!

cookieboy x mel 5

It was really “okashi na kuni”!



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