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M Pattern Laboratory : Solid Pattern Maker


If a pattern is good, everyone can make cute & kawaii clothes by all means.  I want to make more beautiful clothes than all ready-made clothes when I make clothes.


M Pattern Laboratory satisfies such a needs. They began pattern sale on web. There are 15 size categories. They will revise the pattern if they don’t have just size.


The pattern is a CAD pattern, and completedly cut. It is a just shoulder, a tight silhouette by three-dimensional cutting. I can make three-dimensional clothes without specific technique.

M Pattern Laboratory

Towel Cakes ?

takakos closet

I got these cakes from my friend.
The towels are rolled into a cake shape. Fun!

towel cakes

タオルのケーキのプチギフト 「ル・パティシエ」 /ギフト オンリーワン



What is “ami-mation” ?
It is an “Amigurumi” animation video created by illustrator Yosuke Kihara.
“Amigurumi” is a knitted stuffed doll ( knitted is “ami” in Japanese). Using wools in various colors, thickness, patterns or gages, he can create his original amigurumis. It is amazing that a pretty doll is produced with a single string of wool.



Moving and talking amigurumis – check his great “ami-mation” here.


Hello Kitty bouquet

I found them at Sanrio official flower and zakka shop. kitty’s face made by white carnations.

Hello Kitty bouquet

They make passersby happy smile. (^-^)
I hope someone adopt them soon!

hello kitty bouquet

flower gift ; Sanrio Online Shop (ships Japan only)

A shoe made of wrapping paper


Look! You can make such a pretty shoe with wrapping papers!
Well, unfortunately you cannot actually wear them of course, but it is so lovely just looking and admiring them, isn’t it? You can get your favorite shoe with your choice of beautiful wrapping papers.


It comes with patterns, so photocopy & enlarge them to your shoe size, and make a real-size paper shoe of your own!

paper craft shoe 1

Get a glue and a pair of scissors ready! Oh, I wish this paper shoe was a real one.

(Amazon japan)

Paper item (D-bros and m&m&m’s )

It comes to the time that greeting cards and the next year calendars are getting your attention.

Don’t you feel a kind of uplifted when you see a lot of pretty paper items anyway? Today, I’d like to share this info about my favorite paper products.



D-bros” is a brand produced by two graphic artists. Not only Tokyo, but some shops in NY, Paris and Milan have their products, too. You can download some desktop calendars from their website, “enjoyment” section.
D-bros shopping site


m&m&m’s” is a brand that creates an original, single-piece paper products using laces, ribbons and western wrapping papers. If you find one of their stuff, you must get it right away ! ‘Cause their things will disappear from the shop as soon as they are displayed!

m&m&m’s shopping site

“DECODEN”: bling bling styled cellphones


We call a cell phone decorated with Swarovski or pretty plastic parts “DECODEN”. Just like the nail arts, we decorate our mobile phone, NINTENDO DS or even digital camera.


There are a lot of decoration tools and parts available, or you can get a pre-decorated sheet, which you’d only need to seal on. So if you’d come to Tokyo, why don’t you try “DECODEN”?

decoden parts

decoden parts

Decoden report(Nikkei TRENDY net)
Dekoden(Decoden webshop)

pompom maker!


‘Very easy to make 4 size of beautiful pompoms!’ I found “pompom (bombom) maker” in handicraft shop.


I’m not so great at handicrafts but made 5 pompoms. because…


I desired to put some warm snow on my christmas tree :)
Holidays are coming!!

pompom maker(japanese)


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