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Roll cyan 2

Roll chan

They are original flavors “whipped cream and chocolate cream” of Roll cyan. I love both of them. I can’t stop eating until it’s finished.

Roll chan

山崎製パン | 製品情報 | 洋菓子

FAUCHON collaborate with Q-pot. & Takashimaya

FAUCHON collaborate with Q-pot. & Takashimaya

Fauchon made a special box for Valentine’s day. 2 “love macaron”s with a faux love macaron mobile strap made by Q-pot.in there!

Love macarons (raspberry, vanilla & rose taste) are also specially made for Valentine’s day & White day.
You can buy only macarons until 14th March.(^_-)*

MODE PRESS – Valentine’s day special issue –

BARBAPAPA’s Warmer Case

takakos closet

BARBAPAPA’s Warmer Case

This is a BARBAPAPA’s Warmer Case. You can put a disposable body warmer into the case.

BARBAPAPA’s Warmer Case

Barbapapa Official Web Site

It makes me warm and happy.

Japanese Omelet Rice

Japanese Omelet Rice

Japanese Omelet Rice is called Omurice in Japanese. It is made with fried rice which is wrapped by omelet.

Japanese Omelet Rice

Everybody including kids loves omurice in Japan.
There are various Omurice you can choose at the omurice restaurant “Pomu no ki”.

Pomu no ki (in Japanese)
Omurice recipe – Japanese Omelet Rice (about.com)

Hello Kitty bouquet

I found them at Sanrio official flower and zakka shop. kitty’s face made by white carnations.

Hello Kitty bouquet

They make passersby happy smile. (^-^)
I hope someone adopt them soon!

hello kitty bouquet

flower gift ; Sanrio Online Shop (ships Japan only)

What is “chara-ben”?


This chara-ben’s motif is “NARUTO“!!

Right now, the “chara-ben” is hugely booming among kids!

“Chara-ben” is a kid’s “bento” lunch box with rice, sausages or cheese making shapes of those popular characters. “Chara-ben”’s pronunciation is [kara-ben] .


You can even buy the recipes or tools specifically designed for making “chara-ben”.

“chara-ben ” recipe
Flickr: Photos from luckysundae

Hikone Castle (Hikonyan on YouTube)

Hikone Castle

Hikone is a city located just in the middle between Kyoto and Nagoya. There is the Hikone Castle, which was built in 1600’s, and is now designated as a national treasure.

Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle

This year, the mascot character “Hikonyan”, created for their tourism campaign has become very popular, triggered by the video clip introduced on the YouTube. It has been played more than 200,000 times in total.

Hikonyan 2

There were groups of very excited girls exclaiming “Kawaii!!!” and taking photos in front of the Hikone Castle.

and brodcasted to all japan.
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Hikone Castle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hikone, Shiga – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Merry Green Christmas in Isetan (again)

I went to Isetan today and found there’s a green forest in the shop…
People are queueing to buy “Green Santa Christmas charity” BE@RBRICK.
I also queued and get them!!

merry green christmas

merry green christmas


I think it is very good kawaii become charity, but slightly disappointed they cut the woods for this event :(

Isetan:Merry Green Christmas
OPENERS | Merry Green Christmas
Green Santa


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