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mixture bakery & cafe



mixture bakery & cafe is a small and cozy cafe in Shimokitazawa.
You can grab some good pastries to go or eat-in with some drinks.


I wasn’t hungry, but my friend was, he got a meat croquette burger in there.
All the pastries taste like little nostalgic and good.

mixture bakery & cafe

mixture bakery & cafe – Tabelog (google maps below the page)

Ginza WEST Aoyama garden

Ginza WEST is a long-established confectionery in Ginza, their leaf pie and cookie are I and my family’s all-time favorite.

I always going to Ginza or small counter in department stores. It was my first time to go to Aoyama Garden branch. The building is in front of Aoyama Cemetery, it was refreshing – we could enjoy beautiful green through the window. (the cemetery is famous for beautiful green and cherry blossom)

I had Gorgonzola (blue cheese) lemon pie with vanilla ice cream and fresh herb tea. Both of these are promised, very good as always!

Ginza WEST
Ginza WEST Aoyama garden - Tabelog (google maps below the page)

Afternoon tea set at Afternoon Tea Salon

My friend and I went to Afternoon Tea, and we had their afternoon tea set.

We chose 4 kinds of their beautiful sweets in season and our favorite teas from their selected teas.
We were very happy to enjoy the 4 kinds of sweets and my favorite tea which was Uva with milk.

Afternoon Tea
sweets menu – Afternoon Tea

Suzu cafe at Ginza

My sister and I went to Suzu cafe at Ginza after shopping around.

We relaxed and took a break with sweets and pizza.

Suzu cafe Ginza


THE GREAT BURGER is a popular shop for good hamburger in Harajuku.
cafe Hohokam is their sister shop, I like both of these shops burgers and sandwiches.

This time I chose blue cheese burger, added slices of avocado. Then ordered brownie with vanilla icecream for dessert. I and my friend enjoyed a good dinner and chatting.



ON THE CORNER NO.8 BEAR POND is a good espresso, coffee and American food cafe.

Hot apple cider is not very common menu at Tokyo, so in here I always love to order that.

If you were a smoker and looking for free-wifi in Shibuya, this place would become one of your favorite cafe.


ANALOG SHIBUYA cafe&lounge

ANALOG SHIBUYA cafe&lounge is a dark and cozy hiding place in the middle of noisy Shibuya.
We can just drop in there when we are thirsty or need eating something.

I always like their unique mixed cultural room design.

ANALOG SHIBUYA cafe&lounge

cafe & bar CHARACRO

Finally I could go “cafe & bar CHARACRO”! CHARACRO is a shortened form word of “CHARACTER” and “CROSSING”, it means like fiction characters are crossing over the real world. The place is really unique and quite popular for now. We need to be elected draw lots on their website to go there. Their main motif is anime or tokusatsu, and the theme changes within a definite period of time.

Their first theme of there is my favorite anime Tiger and Bunny.

The cafe interior is looks like “Hero’s Bar” – the bar appears in the anime popped up to real world, and food and drink menu is name after the characters.
Waitress and waiters also acts like they came from the anime world! They call us “Hero TV assistant producers(TV show’s name in Tiger and Bunny)” and gave us employee ID card, we should be a assistant producer of one of anime superheroes in there. It was very funny experience.

I and my friend got 10 coins to vote when we ordered foods and drinks. And we voted to all heroes/dark hero – the inquiry of the week was “Who’s the best superhero to spend Christmas with?”

Merry Christmas!

cafe & bar CHARACRO


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