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cat matte pressed powder from Paul & Joe Beaute

pj_powder 1

“MEOW!” is a non-ignore-ble sound for cat lovers, the copy is for 2012 spring “kitten collection” for Paul & Joe beaute.
I got their matte pressed powder, cats all around!

pj_powder 2

pj_powder 3

Adorable kitty face printed on box and case, cat paw puff sponge, cat silhouette pressed on the powder, and tiny foot prints are in the box!
Of course the powder works good.
The powder case is re-useable for their basic pressed powder.

Paul & Joe Beaute

SENDAGI walk 2:C.A.G.


C.A.G. is a hat shop where your friend Gris (a nickname) both designs and hand-manufactures hats. Her hats are sold at fine retailers such as Shinjuku ISETAN MEN’S and even Barneys New York GINZA.


Since she originally worked for an advertising agency, she is sensitive to the latest trends and movements around the world.


She is very stylish, and it is fun to go chat with her in her shop.


YEBISU GARDEN PLACE Winter Illuminations


The other day, I went to YEBISU GARDEN PLACE with a friend.


All the trees were lit up, creating truly magical scenery.



A huge Baccarat chandelier was displayed in the center of the square.


The chandelier was amazing, giving the impression that it was floating in the air.

Baccarat ETERNAL LIGHTS (Japanese)

Peco-chan facial oil control Blotting Paper

Peco-chan facial oil control Blotting Paper

Peco-chan facial oil control Blotting Paper

Peco-chan facial oil control Blotting Paper

The wrapping paper for “mlky” candies can be used as-is as facial oil control Blotting Paper.
It’s a collaboration between the sweets maker “Fujiya” and the toy maker “BANDAI”.
They are on sale at drug stores across the country.

Fujiya (Japanese)


fuwarinka 1

fuwarinka 2

Fuwarinka is “beauty rose” taste soft candy.
I love its strong rose scent. It contains vitamin C, collagen, and hyaluronic acid … for women’s beauty.

Fuwarinka (Japanese)

amino collagen petit fruity tablet

amino collagen fruity tablet

amino collagen fruity tablet

Heart shaped tablets for women beauty.
The tablets contains collagen, vitamin C, B2, B6, and amino acid.
But the most important thing is, the flavor is my favorite. Rose & peach!

amino collagen petit fruity tablet (Japanese)

Sakura balm

sakura balm

I got this lip balm on an impulse… at the organic food store.
Of course the balm is made of all natural things. Jojoba oil, grape seed oil, beeswax… and organic sakura leaf oil!

sakura balm

Beautiful scent makes me happy everytime I use it.

sakura balm – rakuten (Japanese – not where I got it)

Plaid Shirt part 4

takakos closet

Plaid Shirt part 4

I got this plaid shirtdress from MILK FED. The thick cotton flannel is soft and warm.

Plaid Shirt part 4

I love the cozy comfort of this collarless red shirtdress. It became my favoritte holiday flannel.

MILK FED(japanese)
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