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Only Free Paper

only free paper

I found really unique “shop” when I walk around Cat Street near Shibuya.
The shop is not a shop… it’s for free newspapers, free magazines, & freesheets.
(“free paper” is Japanglish for all of these)

only free paper

I got some of these for free ;)

only free paper (Japanese)

Design goods Showcase


Stationery, home decor, fashion, etc. This book features many cute items, just looking at them is enchanting.


Ceramic flower vase


Embroidered brooch


Skirt with a cute hand drawn pattern

Design goods Showcase (Amazon.jp)
BNN (japanese)

Decorated Roll Cake recipe


A simple roll cake made from sponge cake wrapped with cream. If you think decorating the cake is difficult, with a little ingenuity you can make this cute decorated roll cake! Junko, who created a recipe book called “Let’s make deco-roll! Patterned Roll Cakes”, has a blog were she has uploaded lots of fun and cute recipes for decorated roll cakes.


As it is written in Japanese you may not understand the details, but it seems you just fill a pastry bag with the batter for the pattern and draw that, bake it in the oven for a minute and a half, and then fill in the rest with the sponge cake batter. If it was a simple pattern, perhaps you could try making one too?

ちょっとの工夫でかわいいケーキ (japanese)
amazon (japanese)

eat in studio

eat in studio-01

“eat in studio”, organized by food expert and critic Yasuhiro Watanabe, is a reservation-only restaurant.

eat in studio-02

You go to his house armed with drinks, and sample his cooking there.

eat in studio-03

After working at “Comme des Garçons”, he started to work in the cooking business. Of course it goes without saying that the taste is amazing. On top of that, his arrangement of the food, his tableware, and the interior decoration of his house are also amazing. The esthetic sense he demonstrated at “Comme des Garçons” is more than apparent.

eat in studio-04

Discover unexpected flavors, combinations of ingredients, and tableware coordination.

eat in studio-05

Yasuhiro Watanabe (japanese)
eat in studio (japanese)

Toilet paper ORIGAMI

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Sometimes when using a store’s restroom, you might notice the end of the toilet paper has been folded into a tip as a way to  say, “this restroom has been cleaned.” But if one time, the tip of the toilet paper was folded not into a triangle, but instead into the shape of a heart, what would you think?

Origami-loving Tokyo University students began making origami out of toilet paper. It caught on and “Toilet Paper Origami” is spreading. They have made a website which features a collection of figures such as hearts, clovers, and rabbits as well folding instructions. Why not give it a try with your own bathroom’s toilet paper?

Toilet paper ORIGAMI (japanese)

For Stockists Exhibition



“For Stockist Exhibition” is the tasteful trade fair for zakka, apparel, jewelry, accessary and furniture.


Yoko at 8tokyo joined the fair, by her another project Fugeiten!


The place where the Exhibition was held is also unique and beautiful. There was a elementary school designed by Frank Lloyd Wright & Arata Endo, now it’s a cultural property.

For Stockists Exhibition
koginzashi no hon -Fugeiten

Kamawanu Halloween tenugui

Kamawanu Halloween tenugui

This summer, Tokyo is VERY hot, still very hot.0 I love autumn and winter. now I really looking forward to autumn events.

Kamawanu Halloween tenugui

I know it’s too early but I couldn’t stop myself to get the Halloween Tenugui!

Kamawanu (Tenugui specialty shop)

Kapibarasan exhibition

kapibarasan exhibition

Kapibarasan exhibition at Shibuya Parco!

kapibarasan exhibition

kapibarasan exhibition

I enjoyed watching original artworks, cute latest plushes, and standing signboards to take pics with Kapibarasan.

kapibarasan exhibition

kapibarasan exhibition

My hubby is big fan of them though he always denied. But many guys came to the exhibition. It’s happy to see boys enjoy cute characters :D

kapibarasan exhibition

kapibarasan exhibition

Kapibarasan (japanese)


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