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Nekomura-san : Japanese manga feat. cat housekeeper


We know that Japanese Manga is popular world-wide, but have you ever heard about a Japanese cartoon “Kyo no Nekomura-san (Today’s Mrs. Nekomura)”?

It is an outrageous setting that a cat is dispatched as a housekeeper. But she does the housework very well, sometimes kindly gives a good massage to her colleague or even amends a delinquent daughter of the house’s owner she works for. She has so much more common-sense than human do, and that makes her character so funny and popular.


The delinquent daughter : Get out of here !
Mrs. Nekomura (Housekeeper cat) : Don’t say that! If you won’t have the tonihgt dinner, I can’t leave hrer.

The cute drawing is of course a key reason of its popularity, but the story seems to reflect the modern Japanese society, which has been said deteriorated.

Kyo no Nekomura-san (Today’s Mrs. Nekomura) (in Japanese)

Piece of Peace Tokyo : LEGO exhibition

LEGO tower of effel

I looked in Shibuya Parco LOGOS gallary. The exhibition named “Piece of Peace – world heritage exhibit built with LEGO” is holding until 25th Feb. 2008.

LEGO Torre di Pisa

You can see “Tower of Pisa”, “Shirakawago”, “Town Hall and Roland on the Marketplace of Bremen”, and “Tower of Effel”.

If you think you want to see more and it’s OK to pay for that, please go up to Parco Factory in 6th floor.
LEGO Town Hall and Roland on the Marketplace of Bremen

LEGO  shirakawago
There are 26 world heritages built by LEGO.

Piece of Peace – world heritage exhibit built with LEGO

Sumio Kawakami’s Cards

Japanese trump card 1

This is a reprinted edition of Sumio Kawakami’s playing cards originally produced in1939.

Sumio Kawakami, born in1895, was an artist-printmaker. She had visited to Victoria in Canada, Seattle in the US and Alasaka for one year after graduating her high school, and then became an English teacher at her local high school when she returned in 1921 (Taisho 10).

While teaching, she played a key role in original woodblock printing, which was in its flourishing period in Japan at that time. She has created her own style with works of exotic themes.

Japanese trump card 2

I did not know she produced such a cute set of cards. You can get them from Amazon Japan.

Art Museum of Sumio Kawakami (in Japanese)
Sumio Kawakami’s Cards (Amazon japan)

Matsuya Department transformes Louis Vuitton suitcase

Matsuya Department Louis Vuitton

The“Matsuya”Department Store in Ginza has been transformed to a Louis Vuitton Monogram suitcase!

Matsuya Department Louis Vuitton

They have applied the “monogram multi-colors” of the artist Takashi Murakami’s. The illuminations are changed every 30 min. and light up the monograms in blue, purple or other various colors.

Matsuya Department Louis Vuitton

Matsuya Department Louis Vuitton

There was the new Bvlgari building next to it, too.

ginza Bvlgari building

Louis Vuitton

Omotesando’s Tongues : Japanese street ads

Johnson & Johnson tokyo ad

So many giant tongues on the walls and columns at the Omotesando Station!
This is actually an ad by Johnson & Johnson for their “REACH” mouthwash product for bad breath.

Johnson & Johnson tokyo ad

Johnson & Johnson tokyo ad

There are lots of cool street ads in Omotesando, so I will show them to you in a future article.

2007 Christmas illuminations in Ginza,Tokyo

I went to Ginza last weekend. The town getting ready for holidays:)
I’d like to show off you some of beautiful Illuminations in this town.

20007 Christmas in Tokyo,Ginza

Maybe the most famous Christmas tree in Japan
right;Yurakucho Marion

20007 Christmas in Tokyo,Ginza

Latest buildings in Ginza
left;Yurakucho Marui
right;Marronnier gate

20007 Christmas in Tokyo,Ginza

Sony Plaza B1F in front of subway station
Sweet Pop Christmas! I love this, make us happy in underpass.

20007 Christmas in Tokyo,Ginza

My Best goes to … Printemps! ;)

Christmas flower cake & Knitted wine glasses, cakes, and champagne!!

MoMA Design Store, Tokyo OPEN!

On the second of November, the MoMA Design Store was opened in Omotesando. This is their first store overseas.


There, they have a lot of products that you cannot get from their online shop.
I found that Anemone Pen, which is also very popular at 8tote’s real shop!! (@o@)




moma design styore ,tokyo

MoMA Design Store
5-10-1 GYRE 3F
Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo

MoMAstore – MoMA Design Store Open

UEKI-cakes (It’s girly bonsai !?)


Arranging a plant ( “Ueki” in Japanese) like a piece of cake, that’s “Ueki Cake”.

These unique miniature plant arrangements are works of Tomoko Mitsuma, artist & display designer.

At her Ueki Cake exhibitions, she shows a lot of fun ideas for plants and sells her Ueki Cakes in the glass showcase used for real cake shops or displaying them with zakka.


She has held her exhibitions not only within Japan, but also in Paris, which was very well received. There are also books showing how to make Ueki Cakes or how you can wrap and present them.


UEKI-cakes Exhibition


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