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A box of Cookies designed by a Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama



My friend gave me a box of cookies which box is designed by a famous Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama.
Her characteristic design of polka-dotted box is very cool.



The cookies are also illustrated by her. It is very fun to have them for my tea time at home.

Roppongi Hills
Yayoi Kusama – lammfromm the concept store
LOVE TOKYO SUMMER 2013 – Roppongi Hills

hanamizz twins limited time store 3




These are a T-shirt and blankets I got at hanamizz twins limited time store.


hanamizz twins have their image drinks. The image of white cat is tea with milk, and the image of black cat is coffee.

Event – Parco
Yurie Sekiya

hanamizz twins limited time store 2



There is also an exhibition of the original illustration drawn by Yurie Sekiya has been held as part of hanamizz twins limited time store.


I watched her live painting which was great and fun.

Event – Parco
Yurie Sekiya

hanamizz twins limited time store 1



Yurie Sekiya who is a illustrator opens her hanamizz twins limited time store at Shibuya PARCO part1 and will be opened until 3 April.


She has collaborated with a retail shop ‘WALL’ and they merchandise scarves, dresses, cushions, iPhone cases and more cute stuffs.

Event – Parco
Yurie Sekiya

Naoshi solo exhibition “Life of Paper Plane”

I and my friend went to Naoshi’s exhibition, “Life of Paper Plane”.

Her unique and cute artworks are made of colorful sand art.
I’m dissatisfied with my photo that can’t tell you her sand arts’ beautiful sparkles.

All of the paper planes has its original stories of link to Naoshi’s life… If you could catch her at the gallery, you should listen to these fantastic stories!

Naoshi - Etsy

Utagawa Kuniyoshi cat motif items from Ukiyo-e 2014 Exhibition

I rushed into Edo-Tokyo Museum. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to look around the exhibition, but I wished to get some special limited-selling cat motif items which design-based by Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Ukiyo-e.

I got many things (far beyond I expected) at a time – plastic folders, washi-tape, hanky, metal charm, Japanese maki-e stickers, and message pad.

My wallet became empty but I was satisfied I could get all the things I love!

Ukiyo-e 2014 Exhibition
Edo-Tokyo Museum
Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Hello Sandwich Exhibition

I went to Hello Sandwich Exhibition at gallery commune in Shimokitazawa.
The gallery space was perfectly changed into Hello Sandwich world!
How could we resist to look around the exhibition without smiling?

She always cast a spell on our usual belongings… to turn into charming things!

Hello Sandwich
gallery commune

Saigendo Lampwork Bead – “Spirocodon saltator”

Saigendo’s nature-fiction bead arts are looks as real, but it’s in super tiny world of his glass lampwork.
The diameter of the bead is about 1 inch. (2.6cm)

“Spirocodon saltator” the jellyfish (known as “Kami-kurage”, Japan peculiar and the name means like hair-jellyfish) in the bead is incredibly small and has minute details.
I’m so lucky I own some of his surprising artworks, and I always hope to invite other beautiful faux jellyfishes to my house.

“Spirocodon saltator” – Google image search


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