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Digital Art Festival

digital art festival
Every week, interesting rising “digital artists” are introduced in NHK digista the TV show.
digital art festival
Some of most popular “interactive installation” artists came to Digital Art Festival.

digital art festival

We enjoyed their friendly works! I became tiny shadow & flew in the long narrow stages, flipped picture books, or more…. All of these are unique experience!

digital art festival

Digital Art Festival Tokyo 2008
NHK digista

Tokyo asa-ichi Earth day market

earth day market 10/04/2008

I’m NOT a early bird, so it was a hard work to get up in the morning,
but earth day market is worth for it!

earth day market 10/04/2008

we can enjoy many good (taste and for health!) foods there, and can buy some fresh vegetables, eco-friendly goods or so :)

earth day market 10/04/2008

it’s better to ready small changes to pay at the market!

Tokyo asa-ichi Earth day market

2008 Sumida River fireworks event

Fireworks event 2008 Sumida-river Tokyo

2008 Sumida River fireworks event was held near Sumida River flowing through the downtown area in Tokyo.

Fireworks event 2008 Sumida river

I went to the neighborhood of launching level. Fireworks were seen in over the buildings.

Fireworks event 2008 Sumida river

Usually it is a business area, but on that day it was full in a crowd to look the fireworks. Many Japanese loves a fireworks event.

Fireworks event 2008 Sumida-river Tokyo

Terrible big sounds, and the sky flares up. I was slightly fierce. I have never seen such a scene !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Omamori” ; Japanese lucky charm (amulets)

by Kanko*

When the New Year has arrived, I’d always visit a shrine for Hatumode, and consult an oracle or get a lucky charm (amulets) each year. Of course I did so this year, too.

The lucky charms usually categorized by the area of your wish such as “prosperous business”, “successful study”, “well-being of family” and “fulfillment of love or wish for finding a partner”.

by Kanko*

Nowadays, they have more fun sort of luck charms featuring the popular characters such as Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty or Snoopy and they are all cute. But I think that those traditional lucky charms with delicate fabrics are still very pretty.

Happy Hello Kitty Omamori (Strapya World!)

There are some books (in Japanese) introducing the lucky charms form shrines and temples in Kyoto.

omamori kyoto

Omamori – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Omamori (about.com)

Hatsumode ; the first shrine visiting of the New Year

kanda myojin 1

For Japanese people, “Oshogatsu”, the New Year’s holiday time is a more important festivity than Christmas. Many of us‘d go to shrines and pray for a happy life in the new year.

Taga-taishya 1
Taga Taisha

I have been to two shrines, one is Taga Taisha in Taga-cho, Siga Prefecture & the other is Kanda Myojin in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Ise bridge
Ise bridge by Mr. Mark

The most famous shrine in Japan is the Ise Jingu in Ise-shi, Mie Prefecture. The Japanese Prime Minister goes there, too. Above all, this is the shrine where the Imperial ancestors are enshrined.

kanda myojin 2
Kanda Myojin

Kanda Myojin is known as the God of Business. And many companies from all over Tokyo, – form the largest business enterprise to the business owners of small & medium sized companies visit there and pray for a good business for the year. Well, well what will this year be like?

kanda myojin 3

Hatsumōde (Wikipedia)
Japanese New Year (Wikipedia)
Tokyo Hotels (HotelTravel.com)

“TORINOICHI” : Japanese festival 

Yeah, I have been to “TORINOICH” in Asakusa!

“TORINOICH” is a local festival held in many places around Tokyo in Nov. And the most famous is this one at Asakusa’s.

There are many stalls lining up and selling the good-luck charm “kumade“(Japanese pitchfork)and many people buy them.

It is said that “kumade” would “sweep in the good-luck to you” so even famous politicians, artists or big companies get them every year. For example, The Governor of Tokyo and the Sony are among them! (I wonder that it’s hard for the people other than Japanese to get it !? )

This slidshow is by titanium22 (Hanazono-jinjya at Shinjuku 2006)

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

ASAKUSA Torinoichi


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