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COME TOGETHER mini shoulder bag



I’m always looking forward to marble SUD latest collection. Their spring – summer 2014 collection theme is “Trip to the ZOO”. It’s not meant like noisy, but many animals became funny prints and stitches.


This print was named “COME TOGETHER”. I’ll go everywhere together with these over 30 kinds of crowded animals!

marble SUD

“BAG to basic” from 8tote



I got a lovely “BAG to basic” eco bag from 8tote. (Yes, yo-ko running this brand!).
The tote bag has some messages… All the quotes are like girls’ basic rules.
As the words “You can never be overdressed or overeducated“, the eco bag is proudly dressing up with a black ribbon brooch.


yo-ko told me a cute idea – you can put the brooch on a handle, and it would become as a charming accent of your shoulder.

“BAG to basic” – 8tote (Mitsubachi Tote)

Junichi Nakahara shop Soleil

Junichi Nakahara (1913 – 1983) was a multi designer, illustrator and “fashion leader” of Japanese girls – his works are popular from soon after WWⅡ until now.
Almost of the Japanese girls in the 1940s-50s couldn’t afford cute or lovely things… Because of they were in the defeated country. But you know, all the girls have their right to dream beautiful life.
He established fabulous magazine for them, named “Soleil それいゆ” (means “Sun”) and “Junior Soleil”. These were full of lovely illustrations, poems and good readings, etc.
Our mom and grandma grew up with Soleil. It always cheered them up, even if they didn’t have enough money or clothes, they could know how to act as little ladies from these.

The shop Soleil is full of his beautiful work. You can get his artworks, goods and a lot of books in there.

I already have some his books and re-published Soleil, so this time I got plastic folders. These artworks were named “beautiful flowers” and “a girl in the attic”.

Junichi Nakahara
Junichi Nakahara shop Soleil

Tsumori Chisato brand-magazine 2-way shoulder bag

I got Tsumori’s spring-summer collection magazine. (called mook in Japan)
As always, “freebie” attached to that.

This time, it is a removable strap shoulder bag, also it can use as a clutch bag. One-side is gold glitter fabric with cute cat patch, and the other side is made of simple black faux leather with zip pocket.
I’ll bring it when I go nearby shopping or travel somewhere.


A hair accessory from Cat’s Tsumori Chisato

I got a very cute cat hair accessory from Cat’s Tsumori Chisato.
I love the motif of the black cat and a gold ribbon.

Cat’s Tsumori Chest
Cat’s Tsumori Chisato collection

Journey Cat! orange-mix

I got another color of Journey Cat! digital watch.
Orange-mix color is also from boutique limited selling series.
It’s fun to change wrist watch as a bangle, coordinate with my outfit-of-the-day.

Journey Cat! – tsumori chisato watch

NYA T-shirt

It’s not “NYC” logo but “NYA”! It’s not a mistake or ENGRISH. NYA is meow in Japanese.

You can find who meows on this T-shirt.
The cat’s nose print is very funny and it makes me smile.

N・Y・A – ALDIES blog

PLAYBUTTON gift set from Marble SUD



Marble SUD’s small and popular products are their cute and artistic pinback buttons, these were turned into music player for this holiday season.



Seven pop and happy songs in the PLAYBUTTON. It’s fun to listen some songs from an accessory.


It comes with specially printed “anytime anywhere” T-shirts and a pinback button in original designed vinyl pouch.



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