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seisuke88 x Hello Kitty mirror


seisuke88 makes bag and zakka from traditional or old fabric patterns almost 150 years ago .
Some of these meets Hello Kitty. The charactors hiding or playing in patterns.



I got modern-shape holding mirror. It makes me happy to use for make-ups.


KOGIN embroidery workshop in LOGOS GALLERY



In the one year commemoration of the disaster from last year, the LOGOS GALLERY in Shibuya is holding an exhibition on the theme of Tohoku.

Within this, a workshop on the traditional embroidery of Aomori, KOGIN embroidery, was held.



We made cute hair accessories with colorful thread and cloth.


It would also look lovely if you put it on a bag.

LOGOS GALLERY (japanese)

kokeshi pop


kokeshi 1


I went to the Kokeshi exhibit held at the Shibuya Parco Museum.

Kokeshi is a wooden doll that was made in the past as a souvenir for hot-spring bath guests.
They are mainly made in the Tohoku region.

At this exhibition, Kokeshi made in each prefecture in the Tohoku region were on display.

The atmosphere changes at little with each region and it was very interesting.

kokeshi 3

kokeshi 4

I liked the Mexican girl style one and the Miffy Kokeshi that was created from a collaboration with a Holland Airport.

kokeshi pop (japanese)
parco museum (japanese)
kokeshi (wikipedia)

Dragonball Commemorative Stamps

Dragonball Commemorative Stamps-01

Dragonball Commemorative Stamps-02

Dragonball Commemorative Stamps-03

When I went to the post office today, I found some Dragonball commemorative stamps, so I bought them.
The Japanese post office release a lot of commemorative stamps every month, but lately it seems like they’ve started releasing a lot of manga stamps.
I can’t really use commemorative stamps because it seems like such a waste.

Japan post office
Stamps shop


i am i - oozu 5

“I am I” cat collaborate with cross-stitch artist Makoto Oozu.
You can choose special Knit-shock ready-made watch from black or grey cats, or DIY kit!
I got a kit for trying to make my original black cat, which has green eyes and purple whiskers.

i am i - oozu 1

i am i - oozu 2

Though I’m bad at stitches, the neko (cat) was not very hard work!

i am i - oozu 4

I attached extra rubber bands to the watch, so it can be 2 way using.
Ordinary it is for wrist band, and it can be a charm for tote bags.

I am I
the mint house
I am I blog (Japanese)
I am I – zozotown
K-SHOCK stitched by Makoto Oozu – 8tokyo article

rechargeable muffler from Muji

recharge muffler 2

This is a unique product for winter, the muffler is rechargeable.

recharge muffler 3

recharge muffler 4

washable little muffler has some pockets, rechargeable buttery and light weight heating element in there.

recharge muffler 5

I’ll enjoy leaving cold days with this!


Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition

Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition 1

I visited the Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition, now open at shima-shima-ya Tokyo in Shimokitazawa. Mr.Ohnuma is a ceramic artist from Iwate Prefecture.

Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition 2

Cute dot-patterned or deep green bowls are characteristic of his works. This time a very beautiful jet-black bowl that glimmered with gold here and there in the light was displayed as well.

Ohnuma Michiyuki pottery Exhibition 3

Each of them were splendid blows and looked user-friendly.

Shimashimaya-Tokyo (Japanese)
Ohnuma Michiyuki (Japanese)

mt expo 2

mt expo 2_1

mt expo 2_2

There was long mt tapes and a big tough machine.
The man working for mt cut these tapes for us.

mt expo 2_3

mt expo 2_4

Joy of mt still continued after we bought some. there were many kind of free tapes to decorate shopping bags!

mt tape


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