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TO & CO. : Japanese shoes brand

toandcologo.pngTO & CO. is Japanese shoes brand which is becoming popular among fashionable lady.

It is featuring classical shoe design.

TO & CO. : Japanese shoes brand

TO & CO. : Japanese shoes brand

TO & CO.’s shoe designers works in Tokyo to catch Japanese trend and manufacturing is in Italy. I think it’s nice for Japanese market. Because Japanese people believe Italian shoes quality.

It has a flagship shop in Aoyama area.

TO & CO. : Japanese shoes brand

TO & CO.

Kyoto sweets keychains

Kyoto sweets keychains
famous sweets in Kyoto became miniature keychain :)

Kyoto sweets keychains

these are freebies for bottled Japanese tea Iemon.

Kyoto sweets keychains
some of these are my fav sweets in Kyoto!!

Iemon Japanese tea (there are no article about this campaign)

mina perhonen race necklace

mina perhonen race necklace

A race necklace and a race bracelet are set. Cutting each part, I wear them each.

mina perhonen race necklace

mina perhonen

Yukata made by ELEY KISHIMOTO


ELEY KISHIMOTO made Yukata (summer casual cotton kimono) in Japan. ELEY KISHIMOTO is cacharel new designer from 08/09 AW.

The textile of ELEY KISHIMOTO is very interesting.


STAR WARS Bearbrick for Pepsi NEX

STAR WARS Bearbrick Pepsi NEX

Pepsi NEX with free gifts STAR WARS Bearbrick is now on sale in Japan.

STAR WARS Bearbrick Pepsi NEX

STAR WARS Bearbrick Pepsi NEX
They are deformed well.


There are 16 types in all. It is the 30th anniversary of STAR WARS screening in Japan.

STAR WARS celebration japan

UNIQLO Yukata : Japanese Summer Cotton Kimono by UNIQLO


Yukata is a traditional fashion of Japanese summer. At a fireworks display, a summer party and other summer events, Japanese girls wear Yukata.
Yukata(浴衣)是日本夏日的傳統時尚. 花火大會,夏日派對,或是其他夏天的活動,日本女生都會穿上Yukata.

japan yukata
by tata_aka_T

The Japanese fashion magazines feature of Yukata.


Japanese fashion chain store, UNIQLO sells Yukata, too. You might buy it only in a Japanese website. A price is 4,990 yen. It’s very reasonable.
日本時尚連鎖店,UNIQLO也都有在銷售Yukata. 也可以在這個網址買到Japanese website. 價格為4,990日元. 很合理哦!



How to wear Yukata is carried on the site. The person whom I want to know more watch YouTube. Watch YouTube if you want to know it more.
如果想要知道更多, 來這裡看Youtube的視頻吧!

Yukata [store.uniqlo.com]
YouTube – How To Dress Yukata & Kimono Part1

Fugeiten : Japanese crafts with a modern attitude

We’ll leave Japan for the United States next week.

And we are going to hold an exhibition called “Fugeiten” in Santa Monica. Let’s meet in Santa Monica if you are in the suburbs of LA.


fugei2008sa.pngFugeiten is a project of textile crafts with a modern attitude, collaborating with traditional craftsmen in the provinces, or making with vintage clothing in japan.
DAY : July 18th(Fri.) – August 3rd(Sun.) 2008
AT : tortoise

  • 1342 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice,CA 90291 Google Map
  • tel : 310-396-7335
  • FAX: 310-396-7336
  • shop hour: noon-6pm or by appointment closed: Mon/Tue

In this exhibition we would bring “Koginzashi” bags and crafts. “Koginzashi” is an old handcraft In Aomori province, north of Japan. The farm women embroider on hemp in snowy winters.

What’s “Koginzashi”

“Koginzashi” is one of the technique of quilting to come to Aomori province in the northern part of Japan.

The farm clothes had called “kogin” in Aomori, so it’s called “Koginzashi”. A white cotton thread quilted in a blue “hemp cloth” in old days.



During the Edo Period (1603-1867), farmers did not wear clothes made of cotton; instead, they wore layers of clothes made from hemp to withstand the cold.

The women from the farming villages then began to stitch cotton thread into the hemp cloth in necessary places to reinforce the fabric and keep the body warm.

布芸展 2008年 秋篠の森The product of these women’s knowledge, those who made a living amongst the harsh nature of the northern country, can be seen today through “koginzashi” embroidery.

“Koginzashi” embroidery is known for its hand stitching technique, in which white cotton thread is stitched through each hole of the indigo-coloured fabric.

Today, either wool or cotton is used depending on the function, and the colours available and the times have changed, the colour scheme has increased as well.

This beautiful and simple geometric pattern, which continues to be created by hand and stitch-by-stitch, has become a symbol of the strength and delicateness of the women of the northern country.


“Koginzashi” was reevaluated by “Mingei-movement“(Japanese original art movement of a folk-art) about 70 years ago. Now, we’ll do it again.

tortoise: greeting
Mingei (Wikipedia)
koginzashi (Aomori pref.)

wasara : stylish disposable paper dishes


These are the stylish disposable paper dishes which are eco products.


The materials are reeds and pomace of the sugar millet.


In Lake Toya-ko summit started from July 10, These are tried to use.


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