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neko bakeru (new colors for moji bakeru 8)


Lately, neko bakeru‘s new colors were coming out.
This time, they have yellow, blue, black with newly designed sticker… and clear blue for rare color.
There’s a rumor, the probability is 1/600 that the rare color cat will be find.
I bought “fourth” box for a trial of luck, and it was (also) yellow.


Anyway, all of new color cats are very cute as first line-up!

moji bakeru 8 – Bandai

Masaru Suzuki Umbrella Exhibition – Carriable Textiles



We always love Masaru Suzuki’s beautiful, lovely and humorous textile design.
Of course we’re looking forward to going to his annual umbrella exhibition.



He has new collection this year, folding umbrellas!
Our new friend of rainy days brings us happy smiles.


Masaru Suzuki Umbrella Exhibition – Spiral Market
Masaru Suzuki - Marimekko



I got a spooky-cute koomori-chan (tiny batty) plushie created by Keiko Miyata.
I’m totally in love with its red and orange odd eyes, stripy tail, and holey wings.


Not just only a plushie, but it has brooch pin on the back. Tiny bell tinkles when we walk, so much fun to go out with it!


You can see Miyata-san’s creation on her website. Also she created a part of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s dress for her world tour. :)

Keiko Miyata





I’ve waited so long for the new collection of Star Jewelry’s clear acrylic jewelry series.
5 years ago, I got a sun and moon bangle, and always put it on when I go out. Finally they released the latest collection this summer!



I got a OCEAN’S HARMONY BRACELET. Synthetic stones makes sparkling blue gradient transform and sterling silver shines beautifully. It would be my everyday charm adding with the sun and moon bangle.

Star Jewelry
Summer Collection 2014 – Star Jewelry Online Shop

Special limited Kiki & Lala floral honeybee tote bag


8tote collaborated with Little Twin Stars, for their special limited pop-up store in Osaka and Hukuoka!

One of a way of reading of “8″ is “hachi” in Japanese, the pronunciation is same as “bee”, and also 8 is a lucky number in Japan.
Mitsubachi (honeybee) tote” is maybe little too long for non-Japanese speaker, so the brand name became 8tote outside Japan, like a wordplay! :)



That’s also the reason why Kiki & Lala wearing honeybee costume here. The pop-up store theme is “floral”, so they are enjoying spring with cute flower fabric and little honeybees on this tote bag.


Because of they are hiding inside, you’ll meet them only when you open the bag… It’s like friends in a secret garden!

Little Twin Stars - Sanrio
Kiki Lala shop information – Little Twin Stars Official Blog

Junichi Nakahara shop Soleil

Junichi Nakahara (1913 – 1983) was a multi designer, illustrator and “fashion leader” of Japanese girls – his works are popular from soon after WWⅡ until now.
Almost of the Japanese girls in the 1940s-50s couldn’t afford cute or lovely things… Because of they were in the defeated country. But you know, all the girls have their right to dream beautiful life.
He established fabulous magazine for them, named “Soleil それいゆ” (means “Sun”) and “Junior Soleil”. These were full of lovely illustrations, poems and good readings, etc.
Our mom and grandma grew up with Soleil. It always cheered them up, even if they didn’t have enough money or clothes, they could know how to act as little ladies from these.

The shop Soleil is full of his beautiful work. You can get his artworks, goods and a lot of books in there.

I already have some his books and re-published Soleil, so this time I got plastic folders. These artworks were named “beautiful flowers” and “a girl in the attic”.

Junichi Nakahara
Junichi Nakahara shop Soleil

onigiri brooch from The mint house

I got onigiri (rice ball) brooch from The mint house.
Makoto Oozu is a famous cross-stitch designer, his playfulness and sense of fun designs are pretty popular for us. And also he’s Yo-ko’s friend! :)

This funny onigiri brooch is from his “dot (pixel-art) glass brooch”. I’d love to collect all of these someday.

The mint house

Utagawa Kuniyoshi cat motif items from Ukiyo-e 2014 Exhibition

I rushed into Edo-Tokyo Museum. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to look around the exhibition, but I wished to get some special limited-selling cat motif items which design-based by Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Ukiyo-e.

I got many things (far beyond I expected) at a time – plastic folders, washi-tape, hanky, metal charm, Japanese maki-e stickers, and message pad.

My wallet became empty but I was satisfied I could get all the things I love!

Ukiyo-e 2014 Exhibition
Edo-Tokyo Museum
Utagawa Kuniyoshi


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