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Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner attended the Tokyo premiere of “Twilight” in Tokyo at Ebisu Garden Palace on February 27th. The film won’t start until April 4th in Japan, which I really can’t believe.

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

It was the coldest day of this winter; under sleety raining and windy conditions, Twilighters were waiting to see them for hours.

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

They showed up from 3 Volvo XC90s (Rob,Kristen and Taylor in each) drove up to the red carpet with the music “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse!!!

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

I could get Rob’s autograph on the Twilight book in Japanese, BUT it was half disappeared, because of the rain which I was really really disappointed…


Sorry, I couldn’t take good photos, but here are some I posted.


art project Green Island



Green Island” is a photo processing project. This concept is that if road of Tokyo were lawn.



Their thought is that we can’t plant and dig a well but we can imagine.



Green Island

Onitsuka tiger collaborated with tokidoki


Japanese sneaker brand Onitsuka tiger released new shoes collaborated with tokidoki.


tokidoki is created by Italian artist Simone Legno inspired by Japanese character designing. it was not very popular to Japanese people.


but I think it is very interesting for Japanese people to feel something like criticism about Japanese culture.

Onitsuka tiger tokidoki

Lovely sweet drinks (Tully’s coffee & Karel Capek)

Lovely sweet drinks

Lovely package design drinks for this winter :)
Strawberry milk tea produced by famous tea shop Karel Capek and Tiramisu Latte (cheese with cacao powder dessert taste coffee) produced by Tully’s coffee.

Karel Capek

Freebie! – Mario Kart Wii

Freebie! - Mario Kart Wii

Mario and his friends became freebies for canned coffee.

He ride on the Kart that we saw in the game “Mario Kart Wii”. these are so tiny, the total length of the car is about 5cm (2inch).

Freebie! - Mario Kart Wii

and these pullback cars can run! we can enjoy the game here in the real world too :)


Suntory Boss : Mario Kart Wii pullback cars

Freebie! – Warner Bros. Be@rbrick

Freebie! - Warner Bros. Be@rbrick

Warner Bros. biggest hits 12 movies characters are became be@rbrick.

Freebie! - Warner Bros. Be@rbrick

I like Wanka’s golden ticket bear… it make me imagine that bring me happiness in 2009!

Freebie! - Warner Bros. Be@rbrick

Pepsi Nex : Warner Bros. Be@rbrick

MOOMIN Bakery & Cafe

MOOMIN Bakery & Cafe

The Moomins (Swedish: Mumintroll, Finnish: Muumi) are the central characters in a series of books and a comic strip by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson, originally published in Swedish by Schildts in Finland.

Moomin 3: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip

They are a family of trolls who are white, round and furry in appearance, with large snouts that make them resemble hippopotamuses.

MOOMIN Bakery & Cafe

My friend gave me some presents from MOOMIN Bakery & Cafe. A stuffed Moomin, Moomin family pasta and a spaghetti tong. The pasta and the spaghetti tong are shaped like Hattifatteners which are my favorite character.


MOOMIN Bakery & Cafe

Hello-Kitty bling-bling bicycle

hello kitty bycycle

I foud the Hello-Kitty bling-bling bicycle at Shinjuku.

hello kitty bycycle

That’s  made by using a lot of Swarovski crystals.


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