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Valentine’s chocolate 5

A Lindt Bear joined my little night party.
I got a Collectible Tin Lindt Bear from Lindt Chocolate.
I love this Tin Lindt Bear with a ribbon round his neck and a heart pendant.

It contains hollow milk chocolate bears wrapped in gold foil, Lindt Lindor chocolate hearts and Lindor chocolates.

Lindt Chocolate Japan – Facebook

onigiri brooch from The mint house

I got onigiri (rice ball) brooch from The mint house.
Makoto Oozu is a famous cross-stitch designer, his playfulness and sense of fun designs are pretty popular for us. And also he’s Yo-ko’s friend! :)

This funny onigiri brooch is from his “dot (pixel-art) glass brooch”. I’d love to collect all of these someday.

The mint house

Valentine’s chocolate 4

I got this chocolate box from Le Pommier.
Ganache Menthe, Ganache Calvados, Ganache Caramel…
These chocolates taste great. They had a nice soft texture with an earthy, funky flavor.

Le Pommier

Valentine’s chocolate 3

My friend and my sister gave me some fancy chocolates for Valentine’s day.
I really enjoyed the rich tastes and interesting flavors.
The tasty chocolates made me happiest moment.

Toshi Yoroizaka

leaser cutter carving macarons

I went to free trial laser cutter’s workshop at Makers’ Base.
At first, all of us drew some art (or message) on iPad apps.

It became data for carving by laser cutter immediately, put some macarons into the machine, then carving was finished in less than a minute.

And we chose box printing from some lovely screen-print design.
Moreover, they gave us chewy good cookie. It was an amazing experience for all participants.

Makers’ Base

Valentine’s chocolates 2

I got 2 kinds of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

La Maison du chocolat is one of my favorite chocolates, and they had their limited seasonal edition for Valentine’s Day.

Also, Fugo & Victor was new for me that I’ve found it at Mitsukoshi dept. in Ginza.

I love the beautiful red box of the design like a notebook.

Fugo & Victor
La Maison du chocolat
Matsuya Ginza

Tsumori Chisato brand-magazine 2-way shoulder bag

I got Tsumori’s spring-summer collection magazine. (called mook in Japan)
As always, “freebie” attached to that.

This time, it is a removable strap shoulder bag, also it can use as a clutch bag. One-side is gold glitter fabric with cute cat patch, and the other side is made of simple black faux leather with zip pocket.
I’ll bring it when I go nearby shopping or travel somewhere.


Valentine’s chocolates 1

Japanese have a weird custom of Valentine’s Day.

A number of women give chocolates not only their boyfriend but also their families, friends and male colleagues.

Also, I got some chocolates for my friends, family, my colleagues and myself for Valentine’s Day.

The chocolates that I got for them were my favorite standard chocolates such as 5th Avenue Chocolatiere, Godiva and Babbi.

5th Avenue Chocolatiere – Tabelog
Godiva Japan


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