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The happiness year of Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary celebration 2

My friend and I really enjoyed to meet adorable friends at Tokyo Disneyland.
They made us big smile.

The happiness year of Tokyo Disney Resort

Le Souffle

Le Souffle is a french restaurant, as their name, their famous special menu is souffles. You should wait 15 minutes to have good, fluffy and delicate souffle. I chose “Souffle au framboise” (raspberry souffle). It was really tasty and made me happy. If you can drink liquors, please try their liquor-using souffles. My friends always say like these are heaven. (I can’t drink, so if you can try, I envy you :D)

Le Souffle - Tabelog (google map below the page)

The happiness year of Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary celebration 1

I went to Tokyo Disneyland with my friend.

And, we had extremely happy time with the Disney adorable characters.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Junichi Nakahara shop Soleil

Junichi Nakahara (1913 – 1983) was a multi designer, illustrator and “fashion leader” of Japanese girls – his works are popular from soon after WWⅡ until now.
Almost of the Japanese girls in the 1940s-50s couldn’t afford cute or lovely things… Because of they were in the defeated country. But you know, all the girls have their right to dream beautiful life.
He established fabulous magazine for them, named “Soleil それいゆ” (means “Sun”) and “Junior Soleil”. These were full of lovely illustrations, poems and good readings, etc.
Our mom and grandma grew up with Soleil. It always cheered them up, even if they didn’t have enough money or clothes, they could know how to act as little ladies from these.

The shop Soleil is full of his beautiful work. You can get his artworks, goods and a lot of books in there.

I already have some his books and re-published Soleil, so this time I got plastic folders. These artworks were named “beautiful flowers” and “a girl in the attic”.

Junichi Nakahara
Junichi Nakahara shop Soleil

A double breasted wool coat from Marc by Marc Jacobs

takakos closet

I got a wool coat from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I love the cute design of the double breasted detail with the beautiful
Also, the dark charcoal color is my favorite color.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

rose quartz sakura ring

I went to Isetan to just have a look of “dress a dress” enamel sakura ring.
But I was completely hooked on rose quartz sakura ring once I tried that! All of the beautiful petals are made of light and clear pink quartz.
I’m waiting for cherry blossom season with this ring.

dress a dress” – Flex Firm

Valentine’s chocolate 6

Martin J Chiffers Valentine’s Day Chocolate Collections are just beautiful.
‘nautical day’ & ‘flora day’ so poetic. Yellow box ‘flora day’ Passion Fruits, Spiced Pecan, London honey, Rose Blue box ‘nautical day’ Mojito, Madagascan coconut, Champagne, Sea salt caramel.
They tastes fantastic in the aroma.

Martin J Chiffers – Facebook

KAIYODO FIGURE MUSEUM in Shinjuku Tokyu Hands

KAIYODO figures’ pop-up shop appears in Shinjuku Tokyu Hands.

Their products’ quality always makes me surprise. Huge (real-size) Danbo was so cute, and capsule toy “Iron man” and “Attack of Titan” were amazing.

I loved the display of creatures in the sea… they were also from capsule toy, “squid collection“.

KAIYODO FIGURE MUSEUM shop open! - Shinjuku Tokyu Hands
until 3/14/2014


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