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Madeleine in the form of rose

My friend gave me a very cute sweet, madeleine in the form of rose by Le jardin du Soleil.
The beautiful rose gave me a big smile, and I had very good tea time at home.

Le jardin du Soleil

Oden Ginza Yasuko

My friend and I went to Ginza Yasuko for dinner.

Ginza Yasyuko is an Oden restaurant. The very hot dish made us happy on cold days.
We enjoyed a variety of Oden ingredients that everything was very good.

Oden Ginza Yasuko
Oden – Wikipedia

The happiness year of Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary celebration 4

I bought some very cute stuff as souvenirs for my friends, my family and myself.
I always feel myself compelled to buy some stuff when I visit to the Tokyo Disneyland because they are so adorable.

shops – Tokyo Disneyland

Ginza WEST Aoyama garden

Ginza WEST is a long-established confectionery in Ginza, their leaf pie and cookie are I and my family’s all-time favorite.

I always going to Ginza or small counter in department stores. It was my first time to go to Aoyama Garden branch. The building is in front of Aoyama Cemetery, it was refreshing – we could enjoy beautiful green through the window. (the cemetery is famous for beautiful green and cherry blossom)

I had Gorgonzola (blue cheese) lemon pie with vanilla ice cream and fresh herb tea. Both of these are promised, very good as always!

Ginza WEST
Ginza WEST Aoyama garden - Tabelog (google maps below the page)

The happiness year of Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary celebration 3

My friend and I had some meals at the Tokyo Disney Land.
We enjoyed their very lovely presentations on the plates.

Restaurant – Tokyo Disneyland

Bean snack from Fève

My friend gave me a cute snack gift set from Fève.
Fève is a bean snack brand by famous patissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi.
All the flavors are unique, a mixture of western and Japanese cuisine.

Both of salty truffle flavored macadamia nuts with dried ground cherries and pescatore (seafood tomato) flavored horsebean with okura were very good.


Fried shrimps with curried rice and cream curry at Ginza Furukawa

My friend and I had fantastic fried shrimps with curried rice and cream curry at Ginza Furukawa. It was very impressive presentation on a dish.

The crispy fried shrimps were very good, and the cream curry had very rich taste.
We enjoyed our dinner with the good foods.

Ginza Furukawa

Pocky huka-aji Matcha

This seasonal matcha Pocky named “huka-aji” mean like strong-flavored.
As they say, the matcha chocolate scents strong and Hoji-cha (roasted Japanese tea) flavored cookie stick made this sweets more tasty.
I think it’s my best matcha Pocky for now!

Pocky huka-aji Matcha - Glico


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