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Raccoon printed cotton towel from Paul & Joe SISTER 1

These are adorable raccoon printed cotton towels from Paul & joe sister.
Very cute towels! My sis bought me these towels as gift. I love them!

Paul & Joe SISTER

Naoshi solo exhibition “Life of Paper Plane”

I and my friend went to Naoshi’s exhibition, “Life of Paper Plane”.

Her unique and cute artworks are made of colorful sand art.
I’m dissatisfied with my photo that can’t tell you her sand arts’ beautiful sparkles.

All of the paper planes has its original stories of link to Naoshi’s life… If you could catch her at the gallery, you should listen to these fantastic stories!

Naoshi - Etsy

Ginza Gozenbo

My sister and I had a lunch at Gozenbo in Ginza.
We chose a mini Chinese medical cookery course.

We had a lot of kinds of mushrooms which were very good.
We felt very healthy with the good foods.

Ginza Gozenbo

Raccoon sweater from Paul & Joe SISTER

takakos closet

I got a Raccoon sweater from Paul & Joe SISTER. The soft sweater features a round neck, a loose fit and a playful pattern of raccoon faces at front and back. I can wear it with everything from skirts to skinny jeans.

Paul & Joe SISTER

Kushinobo Shinjuku

I love fresh-fried hot serving kushiage. (fried vegetables and meat on skewer)
Kushinobo is one of my favorite kushiage restaurant. I always choose their pre-fixed 10 or 12 kushiage course, it’s a good time to have every different kushiage at a once. My favorite seasoning is lemon and their special salt, that is including baked powdery fugu (puffer fish) bone.

Kushinobo Shinjuku – Tabelog
kushiage (kushikatsu) – Wikipedia

One day in the afternoon at Odaiba in Tokyo

My friend and I went to see as life-sized Gundam in Odaiba.
We were really moved because he had a tremendous impact.

And, we had a break at Godiva cafe and Miso Ramen no Yoshino in Aqua city.
We had very good time with very good foods.


Mast Brothers Chocolate

I’ve got a box of chocolate confections as souvenir from Brooklyn. It’s from Mast Brothers Chocolate. Last year when I visited NYC, I found their beautiful packaged chocokate bars all around the city. It was so happy and surprising for this gift!
Especially I love their famous salted caramel bonbon.
I wish their branch-store will come to Tokyo someday.

Mast Brothers Chocolate
Mast Brothers Chocolate - Facebook
Mast Brothers Chocolate – yelp

A hair clip from Marc by Marc Jacobs

I got a pretty hair clip from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I love the charming his classic Marc logo with rhinestones.

Marc by Marc Jacobs


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