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Oboro Matcha – Kyou Matcha series from Meiji

Oboro Matcha, crunchy tea flavored crushed langue de chat cookies are in the strong matcha flavored chocolate from Meiji.
They say (on the package,) this crunchy but easily melt in mouth good chocolate candies were inspired from Koicha “濃茶” – strong flavored, thick and sloppy matcha. And yes, I love this sweets because of the strong and bitter tea flavor!

Oboro Matcha – Meiji

An apple bank from Kate Spade

I got a crunch bunch adorable apple bank from Kate Spade at Marunouchi.
I really love the simple smile face on the apple.

Kate Spade

Ichiran Ramen

I went to Ichiran for the first time after maybe 10 or more years.
Their unique “concentrate on the flavor” (it means like “focus only for your ramen”) system is still keeping popularity.
Waited for a lines of hungry guys for a while, then we could get vacant separate small booths.

Boiled egg came first from small front window. Then ramen came, the waitress (we can see her apron and ID card from there!) said “Please take your time for good ramen!” and closed small window by bamboo blind. It’s always funny experience to have ramen “alone” even if I go to there with someone.

Ichiran (English Guide)

Cat pocket tissue case

I got this cat pocket tissue case which is comfortable and nonirritating.
Perfectly sized to disguise my travel pocket tissues and a must have handbag accessory.

Rose ice cream – Haagen Dazs 30th anniversary flavor

I got a rose ice cream from Haagen Dazs, it was made for their 30th anniversary year in Japan.

Scent of damask rose spread in the mouth, then plum, strawberry and raspberry flavor comes after that.

This flavor is for celebrating their anniversary year for real!

Haagen Dazs Japan
30th Anniversary Rose

Little Twin Stars Cosmetic Bag Pouch

I got this cute Little Twin Stars Kiki & Lala cosmetic pouch.
Chic large cosmetic pouch holds all my makeup sweetly. Vinyl with zip closure makes it easy to clean.
It’s featuring stylish Kiki & Lala with lovely unicorn print. Super cute!

Little Twin Stars
Kiki Lala – Sanrio Character

Glasses Cats Chocolate from Goncharoff

I fell in love with the box of hot pink lady-like cat on glasses at first sight.

She contains cute cats’ chocolate confectioneries. All the cats has their own names, and all the chocolates are different flavors. Unfortunately the box was for Valentine’s Day so no longer we can’t get it, however today 2/22 is the Cat Day in Japan…

Happy Cat Day!

Cat Day in Japan article – The Washington Post

Dashi-chazuke EN

Dashi-chazuke EN is the franchise of specialty stores of serving original good dashi (Japanese soup stock) chazuke. Ordinary, chazuke (茶漬け) means as its name, pouring tea over cooked rice. Their plates are using dashi instead of tea. Sometimes you can have this style chazuke at the Japanese cuisine restaurants or izakaya. However it’s not as this healthy “fast food” specialty stores.
At first I bought a meal ticket of “Japanese scallop chazuke” got a seat, hand over the ticket to waiter, and soon he brought me a plate. It’s always nice to drop in here when I don’t have enough time to have a slowly good lunch.

Dashi-chazuke EN


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